Makeup Beauty Day And Night

The arrival of summer means that we must adapt our makeup to the new season. As I said sometimes, cosmetic firms have a product line specifically for use in summer, concealer and powder bases with lighter textures and finishes and adequate heat. It should also be aware that our skin is tanned, so the tones we use are different. Day My suggestion is that you bet a super natural makeup. For a fresh, get a cream blush that you can use in your eyes and lips on the cheeks as well. Makeup at night can give prominence to the eyes with shadows fluorine, metallic blue or dark.

Lip gloss choose a juicy, ideal red, bubblegum pink or coral. Makeup Tips to shine The best trick I know to be spectacular is the lighting. With this step we transform our makeup bringing light and it always works very well. But how? After you, apply illuminator e volomen areas of the face: cheeks, nose and chin. Apply a touch too flush with the lower lashes. Blend well the product using your fingers or a brush. You'll see your face brightens instantly.

The star product I am faithful to the YSL Touch Eclat. Ame love it! Light in his eyes This makeup your eyes using Claritas and difuminandlas shadows towards the temples. If you want to use dark shadows, a shadow clarita used to make points of light under the brow and tear Lucia Isabel Beauty & Makeup founder and teacher trainer. Tumundomaquillaje Spanish is a major web portal with beauty blog and blogs about fashion and hair styles.