The entrance of women in the work market is not something new, therefore it always worked and was one of the firm partners in the activities of the family. What he is new is the form as the women are facing the current model of work. Instead of pondering, conscientious, the damages that can arcar due its constant absence of the family, for the opposite, place it the disposal of the companies of unrestricted form. In other decades, the women looked for to assume works kept that them part-time are of house, or made some types of rendering of services, in way that was not necessary to move away itself from house. Hear other arguments on the topic with Paul McCartney. Thus, one of the functions noblest, that are the education of the children, was not harmed. Then, the illness of the agitated life and the evil of the consumerism had spread, and the expenditures of the families had increased.

The women had little by little started to work outside of house to assist in the familiar budget. Thus, each time if had more involved with complicated tasks and more time had been outside of house. One, with different characteristics of the originals. One observes strange changes in the behavior of many women: cold, calculating attitudes and until materialists, far from its loving and cativante essence. It competes to the women acting in the environment of work as moderadoras in the agreements, to promote affectionate relationships between excessively.

They must> to watch over for its nature kind human being and, and not to allow that its characteristic spirituals if contaminate for the other people’s egosticos acts. The women must dedicate themselves to the consolidation of the noble and ethical parameters in the relationships. They must, as fellowship agents, to create coalition between all the employees, without restriction, and must be examples in the agreement and unfastening. Removed article of the book ‘ ‘ Work and the Reencontro de Interesses’ ‘ , of authorship of Felora Daliri Sherafat, Nr Publishing company. River of January.