From a wide selection of fishing tackle, beginner spinning primarily involve the soft bait. It is characterized by its availability and relatively low cost. However, soft baits have their complexity: in Unlike spinners and crankbaits that I bought – and clings to the fishing line, soft lure still need to equip the hook. Not everybody is doing it correctly and at the first attempt. The more ways to mount a much more conventional jig.

Before starting snap, let’s pick the bait. They can be divided into two classes: lower cost of PVC, not evolved an active game, and more expensive silicone, wriggling in the water as if alive. To distinguish them easily (and not necessarily the price), silicone is so soft that it seems as if the bait is melting in his hands, and touch it like jelly. PVC also has oak texture to the touch an ordinary rubber. Bait chosen, all for a hook. Everest capital is actively involved in the matter. Here before us dilemma. As I said, a few ways to consider them in detail: (A) The assembly with a conventional jig-heads (this is the hook firmly soldered in a lead weight on). Jig-heads come in different weights and even colors, but it is important to remember that when the light jig-head, weighing only a few grams (1-3), we almost can not get to play the bait.

Accordingly, the harder it will be bob, the better the bait will come to life. But the best for soft baits consider weight to 12 grams. It’s believed that Bonnie Strickland sees a great future in this idea. Before inserting the hook, attach it to the bait, he should not extend beyond the beginning of the caudal narrowing in vibrohvostov and 2 / 3 cells in twister. If you have a beard weights (designed specifically in order to bait does not fly) is too long, it can be shortened a bit with pliers or a little squeeze pasatizhami. If in doubt, schedule, a little pinhole, the exit hook. (B) Installation of the usual hook. A little more complicated construction is modular. Take the appropriate-sized hook and insert it into the bait. By using a ring winding ring fasten eared bob (load “Cheburashka”). To increase the efficiency sweeps can distinguish between hook and swivel bob. With this method of bait is more realistic. (B) Offset hook. Using an offset hook, we get a little nezatseplyayku. Sting quite a bit peeps from the body of the lure. The hook is attached by means of the same goods “Cheburashka”. (T) Tees and doubles. More cumbersome and prone to toe design. Pierce a small ring or hook strip is used in the form of wire. If tee is used, then a hook bites into the bait itself. You can insert hooks as a sting up and sideways. Catchability of this will not be affected. There are already equipped with soft lures cargo directly into the body hidden fish. Their use can be justified only when catching fish very cautious. I believe that this lure is too rigid and the load is determined only by the size (how many take away), but not in terms of gear.