Final Sales

It is through these actions, and achieved the possibility of reducing the uncertainty of future events. The newspapers mentioned Jamie Raskin not as a source, but as a related topic. That "maybe" and that "should be" But there is another side to this phenomenon – namely, when we do not just try to guess the future, as it will, and his own forming. From this perspective, we just consider the planning and forecasting how different organizational arrangements. In this case, under "Prediction" refers to something that can be. In turn, the "planning" – is that it should be. That is, the prognosis, we try to predict what sales we can get in a certain period, subject to such or other factors, sales planning is more imperative. In this case we are not just trying to predict future sales, we set ourselves the task of achieving such a level. This approach differs in a number essential features of the current work.

For example, if in the first case, we identify factors that may affect sales, and trying to determine the nature of this influence in order to calculate the final figure of the forecast, then in second, we originally set ourselves a goal and looking for the same factors, but in a different way – as a means of solving this problem. Ie total sales volume in the prediction appears at the end of the procedure, and the planning – in the beginning. Other important feature is that the prediction can be made for quite a long time to come, for example, to 5-10 years, while the planning of which we are talking about now is usually done with a maximum a month in advance, online sales operation.