Drugs – Help Or Risk?

That can result in the consumption of alcohol, nicotine, marijuana in a dependency, is today universally known. However, relatively unknown and often unrecognized problem is dependence on drugs. We often associate with health, prevention, relief of discomfort and healing medicines. Only a few is known that drug addiction is the second most common disease of addiction in Germany after the alcohol addiction. According to the DHS (German main Office for addiction issues e.V.) in the Yearbook addiction 2008 1.5 billion packages of medicines were sold in 2006 in Germany, of 47% without prescription, so in the context of self medication.

4-5% of all prescribed medicines have an abuse or dependence. The total number of Arzneimittelabhangigen is currently estimated at 1.5 to 1.9 million people in Germany. While narcotic drugs must be obtained such as heroin, cocaine, etc. on illegal way, the procurement of drugs is mostly legal, often these are recommended even by experts. The acquisition of Medicine is cost effective, at arztl. Regulation, sometimes even free of charge.

In contrast to this, the procurement of illegal drugs is expensive, part procurement crime which usually omitted for drugs is created. While the consumption of drugs socially accepted is (arztl. Prescribing, health behavior), the consumer is socially stigmatized by illegal drugs and alcohol. Forensic usually not problems with drug addiction, in contrast to other addictions. By psychotropic drugs a sedating or drive-enhancing effect can be targeted and socially inconspicuous cause. However, drug dependency is played socially rather down as other addictions. Drug dependency exists a withdrawal symptoms, as even in the most other addiction histories, a treatment of co-morbidity, there is also the tendency for increasing dose and after discontinuation of the substance, as with other addiction histories. However, the withdrawal can be certain More complicated design drug groups, for example, a pure heroin withdrawal. Various risk factors promote the development of drug dependence.