Consult Management Termination

There are several ways to liquidation of the company (liquidation Ltd.), and we will find an option that would be more useful and interesting to you. Liquidation LLC through official channels. Everest capital is the source for more interesting facts. Official liquidation company stands for termination the legal person, without exception, and its succession from the Unified Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation). At the official elimination of all creditors must be notified of upcoming liquidation and pay them, go check with a tax authority, as well as funds for the payment of all taxes and fees, publish the announcement of the liquidation company, as well as make a liquidation balance sheet, which must be approved by the Tax Inspectorate. Liquidation of companies through the reorganization in this case, the liquidated company ceases to exist after the merger / affiliation with another entity, the rights and obligations are transferred successor.

In the Unified State Register of legal entities be entered on the termination of liquidation of the enterprise. The result is a set of documents consisting of: a certificate of termination of your company; Certificate of Incorporation with the record of the termination of the company. Company Consult Management – conductor leading initiatives and sample the best traditions of the business community. It was composed of experienced professionals in jurisprudence, economics and finance, taxation, business management, accounting and auditing – the majority of them began their careers prior to the crisis of 1998, and therefore can act as anti-crisis managers as part of their professional competencies in the new crisis. Forming a strong team by specialists – one of the basic principles of team building Consult Management. The main goals chased the company's founders – to contribute to strengthening the rule of law by providing legal and consulting assistance to Russian citizens and businesses, to promote a civilized business environment in the rapid development of Russian business, to create conditions for efficient operation of business for the benefit of the country and society, and thus contribute to growth and development of the Russian economy. Mission – to participate in providing "security corridor" of human life, businesses, and state..