Brazilian Sign Language

This research aims you understand the process by which deaf person goes about his inclusion on your life, be it family, social and school, in which it is inserted. Thus, you clarify the subject to matter, seeks you, through an analysis of sound theoretical literature, starting from the critical reading and dialogues from the authors presented, weaving to their contributions in relation you to matter dealt depicting the theme of inclusion of deaf students in several ways. This to paper is divided into topics that begins with the construction of the subject ‘ ‘ deaf’ ‘ , which due you their lack of hearing occurs differently from to listener. Then portrays one of the most important factors will be the development of this person is your family, not stopping you consider that she is giving the basis will be this that the individual can develop fully and can proceed independently within the school and society, which ploughs also two issues addressed in this to order study. To know more about this subject visit Sir Paul McCartney.

For it clarifies the importance of Brazilian Sign Language – LBS, the first language of the deaf community, making it necessary will be this person you get to their language significantly this much-debated encouraging inclusion. Keywords: inclusion, deafness, family, school and society. Introduction This study has as central subject the inclusion of the deaf people who for much time of its history had been seen as incapable by not becoming to understand and not to obtain inside to be understood of the society, the family and the school. Leaving from there some important points had been raised so that let us can understand as this inclusion occurs, or would have to occur, of the best possible form. We will approach the question of the construction of the citizen so that let us can understand a little more on what it occurs with the deaf person.