Brazil Work

Oldest it has the position of next to the espritos of ancestor and exerts the function of mediator between the livings creature and the deceased make responsible that it for the tasks of being able and for the maintenance of the order that espritos had created and want that if it keeps. In the African societies permeadas by a presence ‘ ‘ of ancestor who constitute in the addition of the livings creature, of that still for nascer’ ‘. (Lundin, 1992, p.44) Evangelizar meant ‘ ‘ civilizar’ ‘ in accordance with the occidental parameters, mean to educate to be one ‘ ‘ assimilado’ ‘. thus the Christianity obtained to impose itself taking off ‘ ‘ assimilado’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ convertido’ ‘ of its cultural world, religious and familiar. The population that lived in the villages and the tribes already did not have its heads and its lands. They had been to them new taxes ‘ ‘ heads governamentais’ ‘ , unknown and total pertaining to other ethnic groups.

It continued thus the sad forcible process of alteration of the traditions, of the social and psychological structures of the tribes and the people who had that to abandon its sacred land, its ancestor, its places and to occupy lands of others. With all this sociocultural change, the society was sick, entered in a total social clutter. The initiation rites that constituam for the young, these well definite and marcantes moments of its personality, as much in personal level as social and religious, had been disappearing without being substituted. The young of this generation had lost the contact with its parents, oldest of its village, many young and many children if they find total desenraizados now of its people, its village and its culture, without no ideal for which to fight. Everything this gave place to the phenomena of the marginality, prostitution, the drug, of the corruption, folloied for the great depreciation of the human being.

We cannot also forget the increasing phenomenon urbanization, each more chaotic time and that it takes ace peripheries of the great cities number of people who run away from the wars, of the natural calamities, that are the search of job or better conditions and quality of life. Therefore, it urges to carry through an arduous and dynamic work of recovery, the deep roots of the current people to surpass the crisis and the ethical emptiness in consequncia of cruel imposition in a way to think and to act of the modern society occidental person. Therefore the land not only symbolizes the fertility and the life, but also the sacred place that belonged and where its ancestor had lived and died, to leave the land of its village or tribe means to breach with its cultural roots, to lose its identity and to breach with its community. In Brazil the blacks had tried, in colonial Brazil a reality that if puted in charge to keep them in a subalternidade situation, being placed in the base of a society supported for the enslaved work.