Brazil Reading

Reading-pleasure aims to guarantee the formation of a critical reader and an efficient writer. However, to if living deeply the reality of the sobredita school, one perceives a great confusion in relation to the question of the limits of the ability and referring responsibilities to the promotion of the reading on the part of the family, school and library, what, when persisting in a general way, it will make with that the situation of the reading in Brazil remains the same one, that is, marginalizadora and discriminatory. Aiming at to surpass this moment of crisis of the reading in our country, expects that these institutions work of integrated form, objectifying to mitigate the reading while obligation to the step that if expands the reading of a pleasant form, that will have to flow of course between the children. In this perspective, the family, the school and the library will have an important paper in the partner-politician-cultural development of the individual. Relation to the family, its interest for the same ones is given credit that the first step for an efficient alfabetizao is to look for to place the child in contact with books, despertando. The parents can make this, supplying books simple and illustrated its children, giving chance it proper child to turn pages them, reading for they interesting histories, amused, in a language of easy understanding. The familiar quarrels on histories chores appear as another factor stimulant of the interest of the child.