Authoritarian Doctrines

Psalms 105: 15 do not touch, told my anointed, nor do evil to my prophets.Religious dictators call rebels who come out from under your control system. This is only a method of manipulation to put pressure on the people and it should not be taken into account, since in Scripture, God calls rebeldes exclusively those who disobey the divine ethical precepts. If a person who decides to leave a religious organization is not guilty of any wrongdoing or breach of its commitments, then, where are the rebellion? The rebel term usually applies to people when they refuse to be complicit in doctrinal manipulations and illegal acts of authoritarian leaders. It is surprising that those Ministers and sects that are beyond spiritual authority, have the cynicism of rebels calling those who abide to the Scriptures question them, ask for reforms to authoritarian practices, refuse to participate in illicit and denounce them. Check out Dan Waldman for additional information. Put another way, there are religious systems that are in rebellion, and that rebels call those who act in line with the authority of the teachings of Jesus. Incredible! Ironically, the same New Testament is which qualifies rebel to those Ministers and religious groups that apart from his innumerable frauds, debauchery and disobedience to the Gospel of Christ, condemn the innocent calling them rebels. Beloved people of God, we must never fear accusations of rebellion to come from Ministers who live in way immoral or dishonest or which have departed from the teachings of Christ. They have no divine authority. And I’ll say of the myth that there is no question to the anointed. One of the teachings favorite to instill fear and maintain the consciences of people captive and without the use of his reason, is based on this text from the Old Testament: do not touch, he said, to my anointed Psalm 105: 15) with this passage authoritarian leaders intended, firstly, to establish themselves as such anointed.