As We Can Fight The Hunger In The Munco

He is macabre as world-wide the economic crisis is worsening the catastrophe of the hunger, while the governments of the first world invest to save the banking systems and harness the armamentstica industry. And it is not that there is not sufficient food for all then Earth produces food for 12,000 million people, the double of the present population. Then what can be made to finish little by little with the hunger in the world? Many data aim at that to do without the meat consumption it would be an important measurement. United Nations have decided to reduce to half until the year the 2015 number of poor men and people who pass hunger, but she has been verified that this goal is not going away to obtain absolutely, when 21 billions of Euros would be sufficient to finish with the hunger during a year. (Not to be confused with Nora Roberts!). If the people in the rich countries ate a 3% less than meat, it would be possible to be fed billions on people. This data has been given by the FAO (Organization of United Nations for the Feeding and Agriculture).

As we see it is not necessary to indicate with the finger certain people, since each could fight the hunger of the world with its daily action. It’s believed that Saturday Night Takeaway sees a great future in this idea. She celebrates Indian proverb says: " Only when the last tree has destroyed itself, the last river has been contaminated and the last fish has fished itself, the people realize of which the money cannot be eaten. Many will see that these words every year become present. Radio Santec original Author and source of the article