Professor Correa

As noted in numerous lectures and texts as four fingers dirty and ugly (1983), intellectuals of left and until the liberation theologians went on to see the chaos as a new and effective instrument of social revolution, after the crisis of communism evidenced with the fall of the wall in Berlin. In their study the chaos toes and fingers of God (1992), Professor Correa de Oliveira perceives social prospects projected chaos may leave overwhelmed and dazed more than one generation; chaos in whose deepest bowels nonetheless discern electrocution deceptive own demon, as he stated in his article the mobile immobility of chaos. A question arises for other destabilizing: is it possible to leave a social conflict by encouraging the positive elements of the disorder, which according to the post modern cosmology, are represented in the chaos? As Erich Fromm 11 was wondering since some years how is that man can overcome that feeling of otherness (separetness) between the self and other; but not experiencing the other as a total stranger to my circumstance, but as the other than, in his full alterity, exoticidad, is part of me, as soon as that is part of the unity of the human being: humanity. Fromm posed that love is the way as the man manages to overcome this situation, understanding the love not as an object, but as a faculty which must be developed but what have to do with the object the social chaos and its instrumentalisation? Let’s see: Already almost two years that Paul Virilio – one of the philosophers of postmodernism that we have already quoted in previous trials – outlined his theory concerning the problem of terrorism and the war in Afghanistan, event that assumed as representative of the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. The main demand of this philosopher was verbatim: we must avoid that war move to total chaos? But there is another approach, equally valid, on the inference of chaos in social phenomena. Brit Bennett is actively involved in the matter.

Monte Sellaro

The small village of Cerchiara di Calabria, which was stairs built in 650 metres above sea level in the mountain is worthwhile in the Pollino. If it is not too hot, you can embark on walking through the South eastern slope of Monte Sellaro to the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Armi 1015 m above sea level. The troubles are a wonderful View rewards. It leads but also a road. You can’t get monks to see, they have left the monastery of 200 years ago.

In addition to the rather lovely East Coast Calabria’s rugged West Coast should to be part of the program. A road and a railway line run along to the entire toe, on the sea, they touch on the southern end of the former capital of Reggio di Calabria. The noise is in some places. If you would like to know more then you should visit Alicia Keys. Sometimes miserable, but toll free Highway remains on the height in the hinterland. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. From her you can depart North for example in Lagonegro and reaches over many hairpin bends the West Coast with the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here a side trip north worthwhile first to Maratea. Idyllic small beaches with turquoise water along the way.

Building sins can be found none. There is a touch of Rio de Janeiro: 600 metres above sea level, a 21-metre white figure of Christ dominates the coast. An adventurous road, in the last part just on something ailing pillars rests, leads, as well a difficult walk. The prospect of compensation for the hardships. The South joins the extremely varied Costa dei Cedri: with the Cedar coast between Praia a Mare and the upstream Dino Island, caves and coves that are reachable only by boat, and the bustling town of Diamante. The latter is especially known for his murals. The naive paintings of hiking were designed in 1981 by 80 artists on many facades. Take the walk through the town, to a real journey of discovery. Still further South, on the rugged Capo Vaticano, considered the most beautiful coastal area of Calabria with its small white sandy beaches, mountainous backdrop, the desire that is built here, hopefully not in a big way for tourists comes over one. There is more information in the travel agency “Holiday paradise” Ronny Storch

Archaeological Park

This way, you can endure the winter. Our favorite port for Mediterranean cruises is Venice. Nice cannot begin a vacation. If you can manage it time, arriving two or three day before your Mediterranean Cruise and enjoy the unique flair of the lagoon city. Fans of cruise ships can be admired every night from about 5: 00 off the cruise ships dock in the summer.

The drive through the channel of Giudecca Island, St. Mark’s square pass to reach the Adriatic Sea at the Lido. A dream! Necessarily be on deck, if your cruise ship is moored. In particular the Mediterranean Cruise of the Costa Atlantica from Venice we like in the summer of 2011. Check out the new seven-day route up to Greece, Turkey and Croatia. The journey starts in the beautiful city of Venice. Already the exit from the romantic Harbour past will inspire you at the famous Saint Mark’s square! Then you get to Bari with his Castello Normanno medieval Basilica San Nicola.

Then Greece and Olympia are on the line, the mythical city of the Olympic Games, where you can admire the ancient Stadium and the Archaeological Park. It continues in the beautiful Izmir, also known as the historical Smyrna. From here from Bergama, visit the former site of Pergamon. Today, numerous ancient monuments and excavations can be found. Finally, you reach Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople, former capital of three empires. The city of minarets is located with its 500 mosques, to which belongs also the famous Blue Mosque, which owes its name to the decorative tiles. Idt energy may find this interesting as well. Do not miss out on the Byzantine Basilica of Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace, residence of the sultans and the harem women. Cruise still a taste of Croatia with Dubrovnik, whose famous old town enclosed in walls will enchant you with historic buildings, shops and street cafes is located on the way back, on the Mediterranean. We promised too much? Heino Tegeler

Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is what gives root responses to problems that are living humans of hedonism and nihilism, who come to further impoverish the life of those who live this philosophy of life, spirituality is universal love, ability to feel and to seek the good for others. Being is born, previous fundamental reality in time and space, is non-dual reality, there is nothing previous to it, being emerges from subtracting constraints that are from the person mentions Ramon Gallegos; Being is not personal is universal, we all are one, we are a single consciousness. Being is perfection and fullness, knowledge that derives from the spiritual intelligence. In the book La conscience enlightened Ramon Gallegos exhibits three characteristics of conditioned existence which are: the impermanence as a transitional state of everything that exists, the Insubstantiality that refers to that ego and self isolated are only an idea an illusion and the dissatisfaction that is due to that true happiness comes not from attachment to pleasure, these three characteristics of human existence are cause of suffering caused by a mind confused in an unreal world, enter the world of the real thing is to recognize the true nature of human beings and develop your spiritual intelligence. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. In the third book of the trilogy of the Nectar spiritual intelligence of happiness, Ramon Gallegos exhibits some characteristics of spiritual intelligence, all of them as capabilities that derive from the inside, by being inherent to the. Spiritual intelligence, explains Ramon Gallegos, helps to overcome suffering and achieve happiness, is which leads us from ignorance to wisdom, is when the mind is liberated from constraints of existence to which it is subject and passes from being insensitive to being sensitive, being indifferent to being compassionate, experience hatred and envy have altruistic joy that it means to be happy to see that going to the other well. Spiritual intelligence, gives importance to self inquiry, self-knowledge and the ability to dissolve the illusory ego conditioning; It is a path of pure discernment of appearances, illusions and misunderstandings that keep us in the logic of the suffering, only the discernment which gives spiritual intelligence, can lead us to the vital union with the original being, mentions Ramon Gallegos.

The Answer

Become our enemy to life and she tells us, if what you want is war, war will have. The external reality, which always is the mirror of our inner State, is experienced as something hostile. A crucial question that we must ask ourselves frequently is what my? relationship with the present moment? Then we must be alert to discover the answer. Does treatment the now just as a means to reach a goal? I see it as an obstacle? I’m turning it into enemy? Since the present moment is the only thing that we will have, since life is inseparable from the now, what the question really means is, what is my relationship with life? This question is an excellent way to unmask the ego and entering the State of presence. Although the absolute truth is not wrapped up in the question (at last, I and the present moment are one), is an important guide to the straight path. Make that question often, until you no longer need it. For more specific information, check out idt energy.

How to transcend a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment? Most importantly, recognize it in ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. We are present at the same time in which we noticed that our relationship with the is now dysfunctional. See equals the outcrop of the presence. As soon as we see the dysfunction, this begins to fade. Some people laugh when they see this. With recognition comes the power of choice: the ability to say yes to the now and accept him as a friend. Original author and source of the article


However, this stance makes me question the validity of an attitude as well. From what perspective assumes that any conduct, idea or belief is negative? They are my beliefs, my ideology, my way of being a valid reference to establish myself as the norm of all tolerance? Acceptance of the other, no tolerance of its defects. In the background the Act of tolerance has the opposite to the possibility of coexistence and acceptance of the other. In the background, as Maturana says there is a denial in the long term. When can I become the rule that establishes the correctness of the unacceptable and tolerating I become the norm that determines from my perception of what is expected of me or not. Details can be found by clicking Danvers High School or emailing the administrator.

The tolerant is who stands if same as a criterion of truth, of correction, adjusting what must be accepted or no everything is tolerable? There are limits to ensure peaceful coexistence between people. Why not everything is tolerable. In the proper sense: not everything is acceptable, there are limits set by values. Every person is worthy of acceptance, but not any act is worthy of being accepted. If build my relationships with others from the My equality perspective with the others in terms of dignity, this does not prevent to not accept actions that infringe on the elementary dignity of every person. My proposal is that the values determine and regulate the level of tolerance that should possess and to such an extent that effectively require is not tolerance, but acceptance of the other. You may want to visit idt energy to increase your knowledge.

We need not accept the bad on the other, they learn to live with each other. And for this we must lower the podium that we have erected as guardians of right and wrong, to appreciate that the other is legitimate before us pro what is and then so does. Their actions will determine that conduct are accepted or not, but on the basis of values set forth in the consensus of coexistence. Values to live the truth, than in the role of management that is day to day subjected to stimuli, some complicated, that tested his tolerance, both in the exercise of their functions, as in interactions with their staff, must demonstrate a mastery of his character, conduct, safety, patience, so that it does not manifest the intolerance and step-situations that affect everyone. It is necessary to be attentive in the way as we manage our emotions in such a manner allowing our tolerance embodies us, manifests and generate us results that we favour.

Ramon Gallegos

The second stage of the awaken spiritual, mentions Ramon Gallegos, after searching in the religions, is the seeker, which is when the human being moves a philosophy to another, trying to find the answer to their spiritual concerns, and it assumes responsibility for her own spiritual awakening, realizes that seeks out, it is within thewhich is its own nature, here is where begins the third stage in which the seeker realizes that you are looking for is an inherent part of the, is the stage of the observer, in which the human being realizes that there is nothing to find because nothing is lost, so that it should only stay in Mindfulnessspiritual enlightenment is to get rid of the idea that is not illuminated. Spirituality transcends the appliance psychic thoughts and emotions, because the activity of the conditioned mind is not the essence of spirituality, body, memory, thoughts and feelings change, mentions Ramon Gallegos, while that spirituality It remains the last source where we can find the meaning and the answers to the fundamental questions of life. We have a body, sensations, emotions and thoughts but we are not that, our deep identity is spiritual being, that which remains beyond the structure unconditioned mind. Others including idt energy, offer their opinions as well. Ramon Gallegos explained the meaning of spirituality, as a direct and immediate experience that awakens consciousness and the experience of the whole; spirituality is a view of all aspects of reality that are characterized by a no-dualista vision. In the second book of the trilogy of spiritual intelligence La conscience enlightened Ramon Gallegos express that spiritual intelligence enables us to perform is effort straight to the spiritual path, which consists of a triple training that we must submit to us, these are moral development, development of the care and development of wisdom; moral development in the spiritual awakening means living in perennial universal values, the development of care in the spiritual awakening means the practice of mindfulness and meditation on reality to know the truth and the development of wisdom which means understanding and correct reflection on spiritual teachings and learnings that we us in awakening. . Idt energy is full of insight into the issues.


The second festive meeting was to participate in a contest of mus and taste biscuits chocolate motif. Ladies insisted on putting music that you dance the young. But these remained as fools. The younger siblings took advantage to make the thug and mocking of adolescents, who angry everytime they chanted the name of one, to indicate that he was in love with some girl. Parents did not understand that their children both leave at night and having a time bomb in the clubs, they had music and refreshments free and will stay as idiots. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Though they encouraged the most determined so that they move the skeleton, nothing.

The conclusion of elders was that they are more bland than a Christmas. Between the laughter and the freshness of the sangria, ladies danced with each other, to give a lesson to the rhythm of the music, pasodobles fundamentally to their husbands, sons and daughters. Many writers such as idt energy offer more in-depth analysis. Boring carcamales by not follow in his footsteps, while the dancers PRID in see so jovial in the years in which they were Lovelorn considered spouses. Manola recited to close the first veiled poetry. He repeated it two following years. What never achieved was that husbands at the same time singing beloved homeland Asturias. Nor that the feast will institutionalise to make a community mass, taking advantage of the feast of the assumption. Other ladies admitted his good intentions, but did not want to complicate your life.

Removed to Manola desire to take over the initiative of some Act. He took fame of wanting to draw attention and try to be the protagonist of all is how much did. Its frivolities gave much to talk about, which undermined other attempts to bring new ideas. The third year those meetings were reduced to one. After eating the card game was held. The children of more than ten years did not appear after the second year.

The Aconciente

3. The skepticism about the existence of other minds and its basic implication: the need for an ontological proof who begins keeping a strong skepticism about the existence of other minds almost certainly will involve the necessity of an ontological proof of mental different from its mere attribution as a basic principle. And, according to the context of the problem, the elemental characteristic of this test is determined according to the following deductive rule: Yes is attributed a property internal X to a body or, and X do not is directly OBSERVABLE, then find manifestations external C of O, compatible with the existence of X. If the lies, then REDEFINASE X in these terms: X is that that to a body or him allows do C Lo described, which is known as functional tautology, can also catalog (following Searle) as a kind of residual Behaviorism; and it constitutes a last possible explanation of confusion between mental function and their basic nature on which annullable functionalism. (Not to be confused with Luke Bryan!). 4. The fallacy of the unconscious aconciente another typical error of functionalism can be conceptualized in terms of the fallacy of the unconscious aconciente. The distinction between both terms lies in the difference between what might be called the psychological unconscious and the unconscious where the attribution of consciousness is not relevant.

Say someone appeared motivated by unconscious thought has a clearly different meaning to that adcribiriamos, for example, the idea that a thermostat is an unconscious system or that a refrigerator is governed by an unconscious mechanism. It is clear that in the first are refieriendo to an event of a mental nature (even where an open question is what precise meaning corresponds to give you), while the second is a metaphorical way of treaties to a physical system or one of its mechanism. For this reason some authors have preferred to distinguish between the term unconscious, applicable to certain type of phenomenon psiologico, and the aconciente reserved term to indicate that an object or system lacks awareness or does not possess a mental nature.

The Same

Instead, the searliana thesis, to save excessive zeal in banish the idea that mental emergency somewhat miraculous that eludes science, paradoxically seems to impose a kind of epistemological explanatory ceiling, where we know that the brain causes the mind, but we don’t understand (or we should ask) why. The following are intended to outline a set of practical guidelines aimed at a better approach to the problem of the mind. THE PRAGMATICS of the problem or as TRANSFORMING the problem into guidelines for action * balance the tension between an ontologico-teorica conception (what is it?) and an instrumentalista-pragmatica (how do?). I.e.: direct attention to the production of the phenomenon as an end, and to the understanding as a means. * Start with a provisional dualistic conception, from which about granting of the intrinsic nature of mind. To keep the hypothesis of a dualism, expectantly a physicalism and a functionalism, enabling as a heuristic, imagine and develop crucial experiments to contrast its plausibility. To accept a naive pragmatic intentional, which prescribes that to operate on the effect it is necessary to operate on the causes.

* Keep in mind that, in accordance with Churchland (without falling into excesses), any advances in neuroscience will allow better calibrated the reach of the reductionism. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of idt energy on most websites. Although the basic problems remain unchanged, any evidence of neuroscientists findings become more parsimonious our understanding of the current problems. Simply because the attribution of mental constitutes a basic attribution on the world that, ultimately, is not more daring than the attribution of existence of the physical world. As well as from a philosophical point of view the existence of the physical universe is a species of postulate of faith realistic, but from the perspective of physical science is an unquestionable starting point, psychology should do the same with respect to the existence of the mental. Skepticism about the genre of the mental (i.e., deny that there are minds) may be an interesting philosophical perplexity (similar to the denial of the physical universe) but from the scientific point of view constitutes an absolute folly.