Space Geography

Finally, she will be shown to an use script and the lines of direction that must guide the professor for the application of this technique in classroom. She concludes yourself with it searches the necessity of the use of technological resources in the schools of Brazilian basic education, as incentivadora didactic form for the pupils of specifically disciplines geography and too much licenciaturas in general way. Word-key: objects of learning, geography, education. 1. Whenever Con Ed listens, a sympathetic response will follow. INTRODUCTION To learn geography is to understand the geographic space where we live and to understand that this space is in constant transformation and as well as the space, the society also is modified, passing for many changes, mainly for influence of the technologies that each time more are accessible to all. Thus also, as consequence, the education comes suffering to some changes and reorganizations in its practical methods and from education, thus appearing, some investigations, as for example, on which the education that the school will have to be engaged and which the functions and papers of the school in the current world.

Ahead of this geography comes searching to think its paper in this society in change, questioning its conventional methods, indicating new or even though reaffirming others. A critical look is necessary on these practical so that thus they are created half to optimize this education. Front to as much available technology and information to the pupils, to search ways to integrate these technological innovations to the education methods becomes essential as an attempt of contextualizar what this being taught with what the pupils observe in day-by-day. Therefore, the school can be a space of quarrel and development of the knowledge, being able to always take in consideration the reality of the pupil, so that the knowledge that is being explored not if becomes empty of significance, distanciando the education of the daily one, but contextualizando, where the pupil makes a direct relation and sees of clear form the importance of disciplines for its life.

Green Lake

It is natural of Green Lake? ME, it is liveing in Palms has 10 years. After to quit itself from the job of faxineira in a store of natural products knew through a friend of the cooperative where immediately already it started to work as celetista and later it became associated. P1 lives exclusively of activity of catador thus not possessing another income. Official site: David Bowie. It alleges to like what it makes and it does not think about moving of same work having conscience of the difficulties faced for an informal worker. P2, is one lady of 57 years, married, with two children, one of 32 years and another one of 28 years, however they live in another state and P2 says not to know as if it finds the current life of them, possesses proper house and it inhabits with its husband. Lode of Santana of the Araguaia? Par has 16 years to follow its husband who obtained a job as farmer.

To the fondness to help in the familiar income started to work with its husband, and in the vacant hours it catava latinha to vender, it had a cadastre to gain stand of collection of the city, P2 and its husband if they had registered in cadastre and they obtained two stands to start its collections, had left the farming and they had entered the profession of catador of materials you recycle. Parallel to the work, P2 made artesanato to vender, knew for a friend who existed a cooperative of materials recycle that she offered courses in the artesanato area, but had that she is added to cooperative, then decided to be one cooperated. In last the 6 years it is tied with this cooperative, its monthly income varies between two hundred and three hundred Reals, without the artesanato work that stopped has three years. It studied until the second series, current 3 year of basic education, alleging not to obtain to learn stopped to study.

San Francisco

To hang the ornaments on the tree, use a dark green or golden thread. -Distribute the ornaments of a form homogeneous: bells, balls, painted pine cones, ties, figures of Santa Claus, Angels, stars, in addition to garlands of. -Finally, place trim, larger at the top of the tree. You can be a star, an angel, or even a figure of Santa Claus. The ornaments of Christmas the Christmas ornaments, to hang on the tree, on the doors, the walls, at the entrance, between plants, etc, can be manufactured by yourselves. Try making a dough of wheat flour, salt, and water.

With the help of a roller, you can create with children, figures of Santa Claus, of stars, bells, of Kings Mages, Angels, etc. Cindy Blackman contributes greatly to this topic. There are molds with those drawings at any crafts store. It will be very fun and educational to personalize the ornaments of your House. It starts right now! The Nativity, Nativity or birth tradition put the Nativity scene in the world goes back to the 13th century during a Christmas in the Italian village of Grecio. In this town, San Francisco de Assis met neighbors for celebrate the midnight mass.

Around a manger, with the figure of the child Jesus, shaped by the hands of San Francisco, sang praises of the mystery of the birth. In the most solemn moment of the mass, that motionless figure acquired life, smiled and spread his arms toward the Saint of Assisi. The miracle grew up the habit of mounting Nativity scenes during Christmas around the world. Today, you can assemble one with pieces made of wood, clay, plastic, and even ice (as happens in the Nordic countries, where huge ice sculptures make). Try creating a Nativity of clay, mud, or will any dough with your child. It will be very fun and instructive.

Atomic Physics

That says that talk is not enough, for dialogue. Martin O’Malley contributes greatly to this topic. The dialogue (which cannot be confused with locution) refers to a constituted patrimony, of ideas received, reviews, journalistic, scientific readings, literary, etc., heritage, also, perfectly heterogeneous in time, space and the environment (i.e. varying by each of us depending on education, of course, but also of labour, of its curiosities, etc.): this is opinion. In other words, if I pronounce, for example the word structure, each of you will spontaneously interpret this word differently according to whether, or not, received linguistic training, or architecture, or in Atomic Physics, etc. This means that, since we talked, we spontaneously create a knowledge. Maybe we contribute to a knowledge, but, in the majority of cases, we cite or reciting, or even celebrate (thats literature) a knowledge already used, know that, significantly, the English called lore (which served to form the word folklore), and the Germans call Lehre (i.e. the knowledge transmitted by learning).

Some, in our countries talk about mindset, and others of civilization, as our language teachers which, having been given account that express themselves in a language was not only talk, but also dialogue, teachers of language and civilization were baptized. You intention was far from being objectionable, true, but the naivety was very large and consisted of putting talk of a side to this and the other opinion, leaving thinking that there is two different realities that will try to put in report (but what report?). The two, as I have already told you, are absolutely inseparable. That is to say, we have the right to use the word language in the singular, to condition see a political entity, i.e. a resulting entity of the permanent reduction of the distance between the tendency to the singular appropriation of a way of speaking and an opinion (that this appropriation is of two partners, a small group or a large community(, little matter) and share this way of speaking and this opinion, their Exchange, their implementation in common, said otherwise its communication, in the proper sense.

Venezuelan University

To the with respect, we cannot ignore the role of universities, hence our reason for concern of analysis. About it, Lic. Alice Araujo, in a work about the University and its commitment (2003) tells us, that at present, the most important task of the University consists of lead, herself, the transformation that the country needs and begin to build a different future. To manage the relationship proactive, making a more dynamic involvement of the Universidad-empresa in the current reality, suggests us, substantiate the application of foresight in the following cases: 1) creativity and innovation, 2) interdisciplinarity, 3) heterogeneity, and 4) provision for change. With regard to creativity and innovation points out, that a dose of freedom, creativity, and sufficient knowledge is required to be innovative. The concept of creativity and innovation, in the case that concerns us, is linked to the necessary mental disposition that should be encouraged between students and academics University, as well as between current and potential entrepreneurs, with the aim that everyone they decide to break with many traditional patterns and customs, which up to the present they have been maintained with a low profile and become followers or dependents of others. In this regard, Lester Thurow (2000: 140) says: useful curiosity needs of individuals who know thoroughly the corpus of existing knowledge, but not sit paralyzed by him. A good education of graduates, should enhance the curiosity.

Societies that value and honor the curiosity, produce curious individuals. Therefore, there should be no doubt that, as well as the creation of knowledge is the basic ingredient for creativity, and the capacity for innovation and the development of new products and services, thus also, knowledge leads to countries towards productivity and competitiveness. In regard to interdisciplinarity, we discussed, that if the Venezuelan University achieved unite the efforts of all its researchers so that they are spending, in addition to pure science, to carry out applied research, there is no doubt that the speed with which Venezuela could develop, would increase considerably.

False Words

The relief that happens necessarily is connected to one stronger submission and devotion to this authority. In other terms, it is stimulated artificially in the man complex of guilt, on to the sexuality, of which the man can liberate itself since that it is submitted it the authority, and soon to the repression that the authority imposes to it and to the proper mortificao. The death must be accepted to save itself. ' ' The education for the acceptance of the death introduces in the life, since the principle, an element of capitalizaton and submisso' '. Implicitly or explicit, colored with confused expressions or openly proclaimed, this envolta in the sexual ethics is the tram that supply to the educative operation the raw material reformularization of norms and rules. Ethics that, in the truth, seem moral little. David Bowie is a great source of information. Ethics that have as objective only the conservation and the salvation of the institutionalized marriage, the guarantee of reciprocal property of the spouses, the coerced allegiance and the authoritarianism intra and extrafamiliar. The False Words the land on which prospers the false sexual education are of the hypocrisy.

In public an image of the proper sexuality is created that is not true, and it is presented as a well commanded tram of preset and codified relations. But in the accepted privacy calmly those desordens' ' that officially they are refused as perversion, shunting line, depravation, and thus for ahead. An average citizen can have loving one, but she will not never accept to place in quarrel the conjugal allegiance. The average citizen can have a normal libido and therefore to look some satisfaction not necessarily orthodox, but front to the people will always represent the paper of the perfect one mother of family, disciplined and frgida. The USA wide prostitution, practises the clandestine abortion in national scale, supports a promising market of the call the ponographic press, is abused the feminine body using it as half to develop the consumerism, but if it keeps the faade of the most rigorous moral straightness.

Japanese Language

The foundation of the Japanese language, of course, is the first group – wagons. The words of the second group (Kang) are bookish words and are used mainly in written language. The advent of the third group of words Japanese must expand ties with other countries. If we talk about the grammar of Japanese, then there exists a proposal – a clearly defined procedure words. Tim Cawley is open to suggestions. For example, the same bunch is subject addition predicate (verb).

It is worth noting that the invariant particle-ga is always accompanied by the subject, and unchanging-a particle of – addition. In Japanese language has a case. Their presence makes it possible to preserve the value of the proposal, in whatever order (other than the usual) would not stand in its words. The order of words in a sentence can vary from one condition: the verb (predicate) should be at the end of sentences. Semantic core of the proposal in the Japanese language, that is the most important part of it, always placed at the end of sentences. This can be a verb or noun. Verbs in Japanese language does not depend on the type and number. They have special endings, indicating the time, the negation and the type of verb. If the meaning of the sentence is clear for whom it is addressed, the rules allow the Japanese to remove minor the sentence and leave a verb. Japanese language one word can express the sentence to determine which meaning in other languages use multiple words.

Public Globalization

To the human being, in this condition, it fits to it, solely, the adaptation. Therefore, it is a fatalista speech, pragmatic, that, in short, one practical politician-conservative characterizes. In contraposition, we affirm with Fiori (1983, P. 08) that ' ' ' hominizao' it is not adaptation: the man does not become naturalized itself, humaniza mundo' ' humaniza proper itself. Duarte (2003, P. 25) it bases, argumentativamente, the transforming and humanizadora activity of the human being: When producing the half ones for the satisfaction of its basic necessities of existence, when producing a reality humanizada for its activity, the human being humaniza proper itself, in the measure where the objective transformation requires of it a subjective transformation.

It creates, therefore, objective a humanizada reality as in such a way subjective. It urges to interpellate how much to the education, how much to the destinations of the public school, in the globalizante and neoliberal conjuncture. As reply, a sly inversion (and/or intervention): to the right character a new interpretation is tax, reducing the education to mercantile condition, representing the privatization of rights that would have equitably to be of all. Gentili (2001, P. 24), thinking this reality affirms: The neoliberalismo attacks the public school from a series of privatizantes strategies, by means of the application of one politics of authoritarian decentralization e, at the same time, by means of one politics of cultural reform that it intends to erase of the ideological horizon of our societies the same possibility of a democratic, public education and of quality for the maiorias. The dismounting of what it is public the emphasis to its inefficiency is part of a social project that privileges a small parcel of the society. How much to the education, the great objective ' ' oculto' ' it is its despolitizao and conversion in market good.

Federal Government

But what happens if some escape routes and emergency exits by the fire not available? How to make sure the communication of local rescue forces and which hospitals in the surrounding area have sufficient capacity? The companies participating in the project and universities deal with the answer to these and many more questions until February 2012 is our system solution in its broad already for the requirements of SPIDER suitable. Many writers such as Martin O’Malley offer more in-depth analysis. Therefore, we look forward in this project to work with and are eagerly awaiting the results of further research. Dynamic and software-supported approaches to disaster situations are the future. Now it is up to all stakeholders to make an efficient system on the legs”, driving Henry continued. The task of the IMS will be the figure of necessary information needs on building specific data such as home automation, infrastructure, sensors, safety equipment or floor plans. These data will assist in firefighting and salvage of injured rescue workers. For the safe evacuation of the danger point, the focus on a dynamic escape route guidance system that makes an appropriate adjustment of the escape routes, taking into account the current emergency situation. Fire Brigade, police and charities must enable the situation, to be able to communicate with each other and with the systems of the affected locality.

The trick here is not merely to provide information, but the distribution of the right information to the right users at the right time”, the Director concludes. SPIDER is a part of the project of the number of research for civil security research of the Federal Government in cooperation with the VDI technology centre as Promoter. In addition to the IMS GmbH is involved in the research project: German Red Cross, North Rhine-Westphalia police, fire Gelsenkirchen, Catholic hospital Bochum, Koelnmesse GmbH, Pro DV Software AG, CKS Systems GmbH & co. KG, Chair of communications networks TU Dortmund, Institute for psychology & emergency psychology TU Dortmund, physics of transport and transport at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Language Extroverts

I am confident that you can already tell who you are – an extrovert or an introvert. So, for the successful development of foreign language extroverts need two essential conditions – is communication and competition. If an extrovert have the ability to communicate in a foreign language or to compete with anybody in the number of learned words or other successes – the learning process will move much faster! For the introvert in learning foreign languages other conditions are important. Chick Corea might disagree with that approach. Introverts need a clear plan of work on the language and understanding of the internal logic of language. In this communication in a foreign language introvert may be a burden at times – people do not like to talk to. Perhaps you ask me, to whom is my course 'Generic improved foreign languages! " – For extroverts and introverts for? I have good news for you – my course was developed with taking into account the psychological characteristics of different people! And because extroverts find it unique tips on how to effectively and free to organize communication in a foreign language through the Internet and achieve with communication and successful work on the language of incredible success in its development! For introverts in my course is particularly interesting seems clear plan for incremental development of any foreign language and information on how to properly study grammar – not based on rote learning and understanding the structure of the language! And if you, as long as you can not accurately be attributed to themselves extroverts or introverts – in any case, you will surely find in my course that is right for you. Why? Because the course is "Universal methods improved foreign languages!" – It's not a hard set of rules and requirements, and flexible system of effective methods, proven by personal experience! Good luck, and do not forget that if you order a course right now – that tomorrow will be able to make a confident step on the right path to effective development of any foreign language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – collection twisters on a huge range of languages (more than a hundred). Well coached diction! Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Discover the language independently and effectively.