The Naked Sea

The beach is the kingdom of the permissiveness, at least while they do not step on the towel to you. It is also the place where experiment the disease to go naked open-cast. One does not believe that in any beach and any situation, what goes. Mine he is not naked absolutely free one, desacomplejado and desculpabilizado, on the contrary, is very morboso and alive it without being able to at the time come off good part of the warnings against the imbuidas nakedness and the sin to me in my malleable spirit by the parents missionaries of the sacred heart. Chick Corea will not settle for partial explanations. Only I clear me bathing suit occasionally two weeks that summering in Formentera, like now – but calm, while I write these lines I cover myself with my old and treated harshly shorts kaki of style gurka-, to bathe to me almost solely and never when I have the minimum suspicion of than there are jellyfish. A friend, Jorge Ll., did not have in consideration this last one and simple rule and its agony in the border, taking hold themselves enter convulsions the low ones with both hands, seemed a scene removed from the initial length To save Ryan soldier. We even thought to put full stop to its sufferings, but it is difficult to complete to somebody with a playera racket, mainly when so much moves. Source of the news: : The naked sea.

Spanish Guardia

It resists fire and amid attempts by Indians to achieve its mission, emerges from the smoke and flames the figure of the Virgen del Rosario, who with his cloak saves the flaming arrows of avoiding the destruction of the aggressors temple. The natives fled in terror seeking refuge until reaching Sicarare Lake, whose waters poisoned with poison and prepare an ambush for their pursuers. With the help of black slaves under the command of Captain Antonio Suarez Florez arrive guardsmen catechizing Spanish and cappuccino at the ambush site, thirsty and tired come to drink the water of the lagoon, which will poisoning and causes a terrible death. Once again is the image of the Virgin, who is playing with his staff one by one to the poisoned well produced a miracle. The events end on April 30 with the ceremony of the charges, which represents the burning of catechetical cappuccino and the episode of the death of the chiefs and Coroniaimo Coroponiaimo defeated by the Spanish Guardia. Legend of the Mermaid account after Easter a very pretty girl asked her mother permission to go to swim to the deep and cold waters of Rio Guatapuri, Hurtado well, the mother of the girl, being Holy Thursday, he refused permission, but the disobedient child went to hidden rocks reached the shore, took off his clothes and jumped into the water from above and immediately was turned into Sirena. His mother called all the banks of the river believing drowned, but her in the morning when the sun said goodbye before smiling tail last time, then, everyone understood the reality. .


The increase of pesticides and nitrates in drinking water and food leads to an increase in the number of preterm infants. According to a study of the American Academy of Pediatrics rate of premature birth rates peaked when observed excess of permissible standards of pesticides and nitrates in the water. Analyzing more than 27 million births in six years, experts have concluded that exposure to these substances in the body of a pregnant woman is negative consequences for the process of childbirth and the health of the child. (As opposed to Michael Chabon). Because of the harmful substances in water and food is rapidly increasing number of premature births and the acquisition of birth defects in children, body weight 10 times more than adults, and therefore, the children get sick more often in bottle-fed, dry dairy blends when diluted with water containing nitrates, or when using this water for drinking. Nitrates they have the ability to accumulate excess nitrate.

These plants include beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, celery, cilantro, dill. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Chabon offers on the topic.. Working on this problem, many institutions around the world. One of the possible ways to protect the human body from damage nitro compounds is a quality selection of products. To establish the nitrate content in consumed products we recommend to use .