Thermo HSP

The choice is yours! Self-leveling floor – it's non-shrinking blend with a complex chemical mixtures and granules on the basis of sand and cement with the addition of superplasticizers, high wear-resistant device for floor screeds as a base layer in the garage, as well as for leveling horizontal surfaces under any cover. Most often, self-leveling floors are used as fine concrete foundations for the device, castings, etc. Self-leveling floor can be used both in production internal and external works. you need to pay attention to the preparation of the surface to be dry, firm, free of paint. If you complete all the items on the application, the floor will last you 6 months, as this term This structure maintains its quality. The advantages of such self-leveling floors, you can show a long time: it is easy to clean, the use of any buildings, different colors, self-leveling, easily repairable and more more. order the self-leveling floors and you can save on a lot.

Self-leveling floor Ursa URSA offers popular products for all segments of thermal insulation and soundproofing. Whether it's designing buildings, Civil repair or technical insulation, pipes, facades, roofs, walls or floors, the question always arises, who to go for materials for a consultation. That's where you need to know about the products of glass staple fiber and extruded polystyrene firm URSA, which are needed for construction. On the cement is our home. Cement is not a single species, many of them: this is Portland cement, portland slag cement, hydrophobic, fast-curing, pozzolan, expanding, plasticized, alumina, sulfate, straining, oil-well, white cement. Each type of the properties that are needed in certain construction projects. Cement is indispensable, and each year it improves. Time stands still and if a few years, decades ago, there was only one type of cement, which were all at home, is being developed by many species, and the buyer is entitled to order the one that he 'taste', more or less quality or less quality.

A professional can not offer only one type of cement, and, it is recommended to give the customer a choice. There many waterproofing slabs, each of which has its own structure, its basis orientation. For example Thermo HSP is based on the fiberglass, which is covered with a film that insulates certain materials with construction, which is very necessary thing. Developed and rolled waterproofing material for roofing and waterproofing is also based on the glass, whose surface is covered with foil. Plastering – very complicated process that depends on many other processes. Plastering – the removal of the irregularities of construction, finishing, as well as giving them the desired shape and desired texture. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman by clicking through. It is in these situations, acts plaster – coat of special products. Stucco is primarily used inside buildings. Plaster has properties such as high water vapor permeability, water-repellent svoystvomi, weather and many other qualities that may have only quality plaster. But we must not forget that the quality of plaster depends on the developed surface on which it is imposed, the humidity, the type of application, from professional who performs the work. So the choice of high quality plaster and do not forget about the importance of the choice of the worker. After all, once underpaid, you have to start it again, because the plaster is characteristic rot and fall off, that not everyone will like – it's huge financial losses. Make a quality choice!