The Use

How the logic can be obscured by the senses, and intuition may be obscured by knowledge and logic. Do you understand it or not, intuition plays a role in every decision you take. Untrained in the use of their intuition people tend to exhibit its greatest extent in for things that they are busy every day: in their work or area of knowledge. Doctors unknowingly use their intuition when making a diagnosis, and businessmen – in assessing the return on investment. People often tend to guided by intuition in emotional contact. For example, a person who is afraid of losing their jobs due to cuts, so to speak, puts intuitive antenna configured to detect any signs of danger. Intuition is a young mother subtly configured to receive any information about her child. Your intuition is always at work even in such mundane matters as cooking.

Suppose tonight you plan to arrange a dinner later. You are trying to balance the tastes of your family and meal requirements at a later time, when suddenly, without any practical reasons you can see in front of his mind's eye yam. Although you never have been a big fan of sweet potato, you decide to add it to your shopping list. During the dinner, your sister is delighted: 'How did you know? " – She asks, tell you that she longed to taste the sweet potatoes all week. We never guided by pure emotion or pure logic or pure intuition.

Develop awareness of action all the time you breathe without thinking about it. When you turn the pages of this book, your body produces incredibly complex actions simply, efficiently and unconsciously. Breath – it's part of what we do. Fortunately, it occurs spontaneously, so that we can switch the mind on other things. However, as evidenced by holding Yoga in perfection, there are many advantages in the reconstruction of conscious control over our breathing. Do one of the many exercises that focus on the breath, we can control pain, improve focus, to help relax the body and even accelerate the healing process. Intuition operates in much the same way. It continuously delivers the data to your mind, even if you normally totally unaware this. So the key to developing your intuition is not no mystery. It's just a matter of learning: how and what to look for. (Laura DAY).