The Socket

In this case, do not take into account that these appliances are installed up against the wall, and if there will be rosettes, it is natural that the devices will not slide into its niche. In such a situation appropriate to transfer sockets either side of the adjacent modules and do in the rear of the module hole, something to devices can be disabled. That same applies vodorozetok and drain for dishwasher. Steve Geppi is open to suggestions. Power outlet for oven and hob can be placed below the module, no higher than 10-15 cm from the floor (depending on the height leg kitchen), so that-be took off her cap could be turned off. Wiring for outlets that will be no higher than the tops can not Stroebe, and all that is needed above utaplivat. If you plan to put outlet on a wall panel that according to their need proshtrobit for ease of installation, plug yourself better not to install them would still have to be removed. Just try something to the socket on the wall panels are not located close to water. With regard to exhaust outlets and lights. John marlow ringcentral does not necessarily agree.

They are best placed above the kitchen above the upper modules. If the hood dome that lead from it will pass through its canopy top, and it generally will not be seen. If the hood is suspended or built a lead pass through the module together with a flexi hose or plastic ventkanalom, which is also quite acceptable. If the hood with a filter (without corrugations) that can be placed directly inside the socket module for having cut a hole in it rear wall.