The Best

Do not you try? It's like an infection, when you're happy, you unconsciously make the people around you happy, and vice versa, get a good outside. All of our lives – mutual support. Do not ask: 'What people can do for me? " Ask: "What I can do for others?" Caring for others, you will wait for payment – will be happy and learn to appreciate your life, every moment. Here are some more examples, in my opinion, effective 'recipes' Happiness: Pretend that you are happy. Suppose that for some it is not seem like the best option, but it really works! Encourage others, and most importantly yourself, that you truly happy and be happy in reality. This method is applied to himself personally. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders. As I just threw all the negative thoughts and questions about how to be happy, I tried to convince myself that I was happy. Further, I believe it herself, because 'the idea of the breeds', and never, never, happiness does not come to pessimist! Smile and hormone endorphin.

Smiling and laughter let the body such hormonal chemical reactions, which give you a sense of happiness. Perhaps nothing so does not improve mood so quickly and easily. By the way you has to yourself and others, infecting a laugh or a smile, and get the charge of joy in return. Let a smile be your best friend! Smile even looking at myself in the mirror. Endorphin hormone ("happiness hormone") is produced our bodies and sunlight. Try as much as possible in the sun, and in bad weather to visit a solarium.