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Become our enemy to life and she tells us, if what you want is war, war will have. The external reality, which always is the mirror of our inner State, is experienced as something hostile. A crucial question that we must ask ourselves frequently is what my? relationship with the present moment? Then we must be alert to discover the answer. Does treatment the now just as a means to reach a goal? I see it as an obstacle? I’m turning it into enemy? Since the present moment is the only thing that we will have, since life is inseparable from the now, what the question really means is, what is my relationship with life? This question is an excellent way to unmask the ego and entering the State of presence. Although the absolute truth is not wrapped up in the question (at last, I and the present moment are one), is an important guide to the straight path. Make that question often, until you no longer need it. For more specific information, check out idt energy.

How to transcend a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment? Most importantly, recognize it in ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. We are present at the same time in which we noticed that our relationship with the is now dysfunctional. See equals the outcrop of the presence. As soon as we see the dysfunction, this begins to fade. Some people laugh when they see this. With recognition comes the power of choice: the ability to say yes to the now and accept him as a friend. Original author and source of the article