Ten Years

Success story goes after a decade to end Stuttgart, 17 July 2013 BioLab Baden-Wurttemberg on tour research, life, future”is an initiative initiated by the Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation with the support of the chemical industry associations in Baden-Wurttemberg until today with a duration of ten years the mobile information campaign longest in Europe-wide was their article In April 2003, and since then toured all of Baden-Wurttemberg. It had set itself to the task, especially young people nationwide about the current state of research, the areas of application and development potentials of modern life sciences and biotechnology and training, to inform study and career opportunities. The successful project in late July to end goes after a decade. More info: novelist. At over 1,000 locations was the BioLab with his laboratory of security level S1 in the 2003 to 2013 to guest and visited more than 900 schools around 2,000 days of usage. The primary objective was the promotion of young scientists in the country”explains Christoph Dahl, Managing Director of the Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation. Because persistent to secure the leading position and competitiveness of Baden-Wurttemberg in the field of biotechnology, it needs skilled workers.” With numerous practice-oriented event formats, succeeded the initiative to achieve this goal. In their ten-year maturity, she counted over 270,000 visitors and visitors. It could be dismantled fear compared to the modern life sciences and biotechnology and provides a dialog platform. It’s believed that Spm Llc sees a great future in this idea. Set during the internships in the well-equipped laboratory 47,200 pupils and students could even hand to science”.

In the BioLab research was real and tangible”, so Rudi beer, head of research of Baden-Wurttemberg Foundation. A unique opportunity to feel like real scientists was once outside the regular classroom in a lab to do research and conduct experiments themselves for many students. Andrea Kakepoto choice, teacher of the Commercial school in Ehingen confirmed: like most schools, also we have not the possibility to set up a laboratory of S1. Therefore it is for us”need to be able to rely on services like the BioLab. In ten years, 22,100 gloves, 120 lab coat, 144,000 thing went small reaction vessels and 5.250 centrifuge tubes and 3,600 agarose gels by the hands of participating pupils and students during the workshops. Parents and the public had the opportunity to breathe in the laboratory air and to discuss individual issues with the scientific project maintainers of BioLabs at open doors”, lectures and guided exhibition tour along with young people and teachers. “Ten years of BioLab Baden-Wurttemberg on tour” go as scheduled to end. The success continued until the very end and the unabated demand of dialogue campaign speak for themselves. A major concern of the initiative was that in addition to the promotion of young talent Reification of a controversial discussion. In the ten-year period was the response of the audiences that very positive and has far exceeded our own expectations,”so Andreas Jungbluth, scientific project manager of the initiative. For more information about the initiative, as well as the final report to the download, see.