Taj Mahal

Now to choose something that hurts to it, please, is not to choramingar. The choice is its, and amongst the many existing 0 variable, you it chose to suffer. The choice always remembers was not of the other, therefore, it does not blame world. We go to make thus, let us start to understand the heading for the final idea: if you to want. Before any thing in our life, before exactly of floor we have to learn to want, before suck we have to learn to want. Bernie Sanders will not settle for partial explanations. Before any thing that comes to happen in our life we have to learn to want.

Good, in this in case that, we have to look something that motivates in them and makes this fondness to arise until the point that moves in them. pra we to live here is a good reason to want. To love is a good reason to justify very of ' ' querer' ' of some accomplishments. The accomplishment is one of the deepest forms of happiness that the man can try. When I remember that the Taj Mahal was constructed only by not necessary love of plus no argument showing what I want to exemplificar.

Therefore, he only searchs what he can motivate its alive fondness and. Life breathes, the life enters for its nostrils in alucinante rhythm and nobody snake nothing therefore. But it gives attention what gratuitously it is given it, does not waste, therefore, this gift. Since we start our behind reading pra front, we go to continue thus: Its life. Not, nobody this interested party in its pains, its horrors, its hatred. If somebody will be interested in some part of it, will be only for its better: its smile of joy, its joviality, its love, its active participation, its accomplishments, its happiness and its services. If you to want to participate of the life in society you learn to give to its pairs, what they wait of you.