However, we should not think that the lower the angle bound to cause a feeling of joy and celebration, and the upper bound to become symbol of opposing emotions. Professional wedding videographer is always repelled from the task he set for ourselves and the choice of perspective – it is one solution to get the desired emotional response. To summarize. Perspective – is: 1. Spatial orientation.

2. Reception, allowing hero to show his character. 3. Epithet describing the heroes wedding film. Panorama Panorama – is one of the most important techniques of professional wedding videographers, allowing to reveal the characteristics of the situation and reveal the authentic emotional connection wedding film heroes in action. The initial stage of the panorama, recorded in the minds of the audience, continuously supplemented with pictorial information, which is layered on the received and combined with it, forcing the viewer to participate in the creative process, because, having lost some phase of the panorama, it loses its meaning next. The main thing to look for when shooting a panorama of wedding movies, its intra-content with the basic idea of the episode, for which applied to this carrier reception.

Contents frame in turn determines the technical parameters of the panoramic plan. Thus, the implementation of the panorama is composed in the following order: 1. An idea which should be commended. 2. Intra-content panoramic plan. 3. Specifications, drawing up the reception. Collision Collision – a kind of installation method, Ocher popular among videographers wedding films, which formally characterizes the transition from a more general plan to big time. Continuity of personnel, lack of assembly gluing gives absolute hitting documentary. Vital reliability makes the material a wedding film is easily perceived and emotional. Actual change set points, compared to technique, performed using an optical system that allows an additional impact on the viewer – a wedding videographer can pass the time of the physical movement of space. There are situations in which this situation gives the material a particular expressiveness. For example in a walk, when the couple is working closely with the surrounding reality, this technique can distinguish them from the environment, such as at the time of the kiss, emphasizing the intimacy of the situation and changing the emotional priorities. departure Check out – receiving, retroactive, in relation to hitting targets. If the pan is applied in anticipation of the situation wedding film, and usually is the beginning of an action, the approach to the narrative, the departure – is closing, ending, finale. Physically moving away from the Suite, on the details of the situation, of a fragment of a landscape, a wedding videographer calls attention to weaken the previous subject of conversation and watching the film we like to step back, tear bond. travel with complex Trajectory of the plans of this kind can be very intensive, the number and nature pictorial information, especially if they are made wedding videographers are not using a motor vehicle, and remove from the hands and moving among the heroes of the film – the so-called passes. Free circulation with the camera, the ability to do smooth panning, time to transfer the focus, and if necessary – directly during shooting to change the aperture gives the opportunity to make a frame that shows the situation wedding celebrations and holiday parties with a variety of positions. This cinematic quality stands out from other so that the camera becomes like a real actor, actively responding to such an important event.