Jim Avignon

The travelling entertainer and performer uses humor to draw attention to the absurd in our time. His art pieces, pictorial distortion of reality, addressed issues such as corruption, the lack of real communication and global conflicts. Jim Avignon wants to acquire its aura of art and refuses to follow the rules of the art market: during the Kassel Documenta 1992 he painted a picture every day and destroyed it in the evening. He has exhibited in Germany and numerous other countries (including France, Greece, United States, Guatemala, Singapore, Russia), including in unusual places such as techno clubs. Hans Endelmann for more than 10 years working on the series Berchuma”and his work on these small stools of the Shoeshine boy started during a workshop on the aesthetics of the simple derived from him” at the Department of fine arts at Addis Abeba University. There in Addis Abeba of Berchuma for the first time I noticed, than let me shine on the Arat Kilo the shoes. It was a strange feeling for me, but it only was such an everyday scene that quickly the curiosity place this feeling. The small stools of the Berchuma struck me, on which sat the Listro, who shined the shoes for me.

And the stool is no longer avoided me out of my head. Ultimately, he is merely”is a commodity, but he also like a silent guard, a vigilant mate who can accompany the Listro, one or the other. The philosopher Giorgio Agamben writes in his book Profanierungen”about those agents of everyday life, most unassuming objects, but still develop a sentimental value because a patina of use has arisen. In his works on paper Berchuma”, the artist focuses on his encounters with the Listro. The mutual experiences for me were how much poetry and dignity and has a sign inside the simplest objects, if you allow a correspondence with the things and the atmosphere around us.

Lupe is dedicated to Godoy in in the exhibited works of collage and reflects the 10 years cooperation with LISTROS e.V. “” “” The works of the Spanish artist are thematically divided into four groups: Whats make me black/whats make me white? “-boxes and letters from Ethiopia”-African thoughts “and Ethiopia”. The material of her works comes from a variety of sources, she combines photographs of fashion, lifestyle and travel magazines with images from art magazines, provides excerpts from pornographic magazines next to photos from car and motorcycle magazines. From trivial, thousand times reproduced photographs, Lupe Godoy creates originals by their artistic handwriting. She mixed ink and color with photographic cutouts, thereby deliberately renounces the use of image editing programs. The visuals add to the processing to the collage to content rich, nested narratives and series that deal with abundance, beauty, the own and the foreign, art history, gender roles, ecology and a world in which the body has become of the goods.