The conflict between the religion and science is as old as the same time, and even in our modern society dominated by the search of the tolerance and the progression, the battle follows without truce, and even complicando itself with the recent growth of the popularity of another old phenomenon: the superstition. The skepticism dominates the western mind, and nowadays to criticize to the religion or science is an extended activity, that usually occurs with a respect and tolerance that do not diminuyen the ferocity on their attempt. But criticism one, does not mean that one is in favor of the other. Disappointed by the ferocity of the war between science and the faith, an increasing number of people decides on one third option: the superstition, related to the faith and some not very well defined roots in science. For more information see Kourtney Kardashian. The famous sentence of Einstein science without religion is lame and the religion without science is ciega now has a new interpretation, that science without religion is superstition, and the religion without science also. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from patrick dwyer new edge. Although number of medical instructors falls, every morning million people consult his horscopo with avidity, not putting its faith neither in God, nor in the scientific reason that it denies the veracity of the signs of the zodiac, but in the superstition.

Tarots and the consultation of tarotistas online is more and more popular, and enjoys a new young cohorte of fans. In an uncertain world, plagued of armed conflicts and economic problems, the superstition satiates the certainty desire, because as the faith cannot be denied, and as some scientific ideas are based on rules, although they are abiertos to all a range of interpretations. The tarot for example, is not very a well defined mixture of irrational belief in the power of letters and rules, that regulate the interpretation of the reading of letters. Practiced, sometimes of unconscious way, as much by the atheists as the believers, the cult to follows us to the superstition in each way who we began with the right foot, in our aversion to the black cat that crosses to us ahead, and whenever we touched wood. For some us it is relaxing of the scientific reason, for others is a heresy, but they say what they say, for a vast minority of fans is an old answer to the problem of the modern insecurity.