The Rain

are free of chemical colours, which the Skin damage can inflict. These chemicals do hurt us in the nose, so terrible stink they Pooh also should other textiles, such as for example the bedding in which you you cuddle up, when we accompany you in the most beautiful dreams, only natural materials consist of that keep us all really healthy. There are cotton and sheep you can also take advantage of and and and maybe you wonder why we now until you are come, because a visit by us was but long due when we return superior but now just the perfect time, so that we all together Potter to make something really good is short where everyone can have a clear conscience that is good is also very important in our world at night sleep to can. Jeffrey Walsh is likely to agree. We have hidden us anyway, first a little before you and watching you great people, because we wanted to know who we can call a real friend silach of you and we’re also so tiny, we were honestly a bit afraid you people know to learn or by your big feet appeared to be now we are but fast and brave enough and have learned of it, a bath in the rain is still needed to cope quickly in this world silach in silach if because we have the power again to blow on us, so we look back to completely normal perhaps still even one of your feet caught, then that is half as bad,, because if you knew what is under your shoes for a dirt…Bah, bah Ah, and so you now know how big we are pretty much where we live. We are so small that one can sit by us on a bee, and we’re so easy, she can feel us hardly silach the bee Marga for example is our best friend. .

I Love Myself Even

\”Let’s together build an energy field of love us together build an energy field of love Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, geschaftsuhrende MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, shareholders have an action titled I love myself\” launched. The background this action they say so: each shaped the world in which we live. It is our thoughts that affect the world and shape the future. Depending on what messages we send out, appearance, health, and the relationship with other people are formed.

Not the world, circumstances, or anyone, are, how and what we have become responsible. What are the consequences of thought. Over 2000 years an energy field of guilt and fear built up systematically, which is defended and maintained until today and that affects all people. Claim to power by debt, delegation of responsibility, ideologies and dogmas, dominate our life consciously and unconsciously. Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert of raw to call together a \”energy field of the\” To build love\”, which is characterized by joy, happiness, harmony, acceptance, respect, gratitude and trust. You create an awareness that it is the sick or healthy thoughts are that we divide instead connect, exclude rather than integrate, hate instead of love, be free from guilt and fear. To be free of guilt and fear means to develop the love for himself.

Only who developed them, others love and respect. I can only expect of others what I am ready to give myself. Love to me is not even given, lack self confidence, self esteem, self assurance. Our relationship with others is then on false expectations, built on dreams and desires, and not on the unerring analysis of who I am, and being agree with where I come and I have peculiar and unique. As appropriate, to verify the level of self love for themselves, the initiators of which I offer love myself \”action on: can it be, that…