Band Oasis

Oasis already possua a music with a quality that was almost impossible to be argued, if was not enough this, the group possua a position that was almost impossible not to be argued. A landmark of the British and world-wide rock, the Oasis appeared in the year of 1994, with the encrenqueiros brothers Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher. The band passed for diverse formations, however, they were the two that they ordered and they repealed an order in the sound, in the palcos and in all more than had the respect. Nativosde Manchester, after touching in many bars, the Oasis had its first single launched in year 1994. ' ' Supersonic' ' it is until today music symbol of the band and was a very successful estria.

The first album ' ' Definitely Maybe' ' , it came the same in year and it surpassed any expectation of the recorder. Fans of Beatles, the brothers had been compared they innumerable times, but nor therefore they had tired of the comparisons. The same the step that grew the success and the number of fans, also grew the bombsticas notice of them in English tabloides. The band it lived enters a indomveis disequilibrium of an incredible musical quality and geniuses. The rockeiro public, is clearly, loved these controversies. As the album ' ' (What' s the Story) Morning Glory? ' ' , it came already year of 1995.

The band seemed perfect to create classic, musics as ' ' Wonderwall' ' , ' ' Champagne Supernova' ' , ' ' Hello' ' ' ' Morning Glory' ' they had dominated the four cantos of the world. Between entrances and exits of integrant, &#039 was launched the album; ' Be Here Now' ' in 1997. The Gallagher brothers continued disturbing the press and with this pleasing the public. Everest Capital is a great source of information. After long turn, the band took off vacation. The return happened in 2000, with the launching of the COMPACT DISC ' ' Standing On The Shoulder of Giants' '. The band already did not make the thundering success of before, but the fans if had kept fidiciary offices. The following albums ' ' Heathen Chemistry' ' , ' ' Don' t Believe the Truth' ' ' ' Dig Out Your Soul' ' they are commemorated, but without many alardes. The end of the Oasis if gave in 2009, half more the one fight, when Noel affirmed that ' ' it could not work nor plus one day with its brother Liam' '. Much was speculated on if the band would continue, but that age really the end of the Oasis. The fans, even so sad, never could feel themselves abandoned. Currently, sets of ten of sites in the Internet exist that disponibilizam its materials. The music letters, for example, can be found in sites as ' ' Which is the letter of music? ' '. It also has access and it uses to advantage optimum that the British rock offers to you, the letters of musics of the Oasis.