The founded in 1993 Cologne promotional editing and translation Word-for-Word celebrates his 18th birthday. After 18 years of successful service around the word is word for Word the Cologne promotional editing and Translation Bureau”based in the southern town of Cologne now also officially come of age! Since its inception, the copywriter SIW’s experienced team supports nobleman renowned advertising and press agencies, as well as national and international companies in almost all industries with its professional service. It all began in 1993 in a converted double garage in the Cologne suburb of Cologne Bayenthal. As the customer base grew rapidly, it was too small and Word for word”moved to the Maternusstrasse in the heart of the southern town of Cologne. For 18 years, the qualified team of Word for Word is”a commitment for the needs of its customers. For particularly urgent orders, there is a rapid advance and weekend service. The range of language professionals in addition to commercial advertising, German and foreign editing and proofreading Translations in all languages, as well as the foreign language typesetting. The service is rounded off by practical spelling and text training.

“The range of Word for word” summarize and translated objects is very wide, ranging from annual reports about sales folder, product brochures, websites and staff newspapers to customer magazines and advertising campaigns. To the high quality standard of the delivered work to be able to guarantee the customer texts be edited exclusively by experienced and stress-tested employees at any time: The German text is corrected, for example, exclusively by experienced German literature. Also any text is checked successively of two assistants (first and second correction after the four-eyes principle). As an additional quality assurance measure, the individual editors of Word for word reading”also up to six hours per day correction. The risk of missed error, would be otherwise much too high. For the same reason read the texts of the customers not on the screen, but classically corrected on paper. The translations and text adaptations of advertising are created by top translators and copywriters (all qualified native speaker) and then checked by an additional translator.

This ensures that any text in the target language retains its original meaning is. In addition, the translations of terminology lists run for regular customers for the editing area as well as in the area so that the wording is always consistent.

Offshore Companies

Asset protection, tax secrecy, anonymity – an offshore company formation can offer all of this and much more. Countries referred to as offshore usually all tax beneficiary areas, the so-called tax havens”. Get more background information with materials from Former Maryland Governor. States or areas are known as tax havens that impose low taxes and are attractive for capital from countries with higher tax rates. Many offshore financial centres are located on small islands. Mostly these are former British colonies or dependencies, where originally the name came (offshore = lying outside the coastal waters). However, relating to the incorporation or management company, offshore is not geographically but rather legal understanding: financial centers beyond the usual legal standards.

Important factors in offshore centres to the establishment of offshore companies are first and foremost the low or no taxes, a low level of regulation and a very strict banking secrecy. In addition, company owners remain a Offshore company registered Trustees as Managing Director (Director) and exhibition of owner or bearer shares (= anonymous shares) absolutely anonymously. Highly recommended the establishment of an offshore is in Panama. Panama combine perfectly a stable legislation and political stability, a hassle free registration, as well as low competitive rates. The company is of any income taxes, sales taxes, etc. free and allowed to perform any commercial activity also financial transactions. The Panama INC. or S.A.

is a joint stock company according to the legal form. It is an international legal entity and may be active all over the world. Contact: Axantra consult Ltd. international company of information, financial & business consulting Suite B, 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR, United Kingdom phone: + 44 203 3970-940 fax: + 44 203 3970 950 Internet: