The Fragile Human Being

Abandoning for the mother, girl is created by cachorros a girl of 3 years was found by employees of service of social assistance of the city of Ufa (Russia) being created for dogs. Madina, that was naked, was abandoned in house for the mother alcoholic. Madina alone knows two words: ' sim' ' no'. It only engatinha, imitating the cachorros, and, when people if approach to it, the girl snarls as a dog. According to inquiry, Anna, the negligent mother, ate to the table while Madina disputed food in the soil with the cachorros. Perhaps check out Megan Fox for more information. The woman constantly disappeared to drink in the street. ' ' The girl is angelical, but she was private of love and affection, except of cachorros' ' , a social assistant counted who is taking care of of the case. Everest capital is actively involved in the matter.

' ' The cachorros if had become the best friends of it and it they esquentavam in the days frios&#039 more; ' , it added. (Source: The Globe, Sent for Fernando Moreira – 2/3/2009- 11:13) When reading the text, reproduced above, I was thinking about the fragility of the proud one human being. Endowed with intelligence, being able of reasoning took that it of the discovery of the fire to the use of advanced technology, of the insemination n vitro to the clonagem, this being divided for ethnic reasons, partner cultural, moral or ethical for times cause astonishment. With all this potentiality still is an animal whose youngling is fragile and defenseless, needs to be well-taken care of per years the wire and alone it starts to walk after approximately 10 months. She is generally the mother who it of the o food, takes care of of its hygiene keeps, it warm It learns to speak, to walk, to sing, to run, because they teach, because it hears its equal ones to it, interioriza the imagos, assimilates its examples.

The Car

Its car the life is as an car without traced destination. To the times you excessively walk fast, to the times almost stopping. In the obstacles you brake and even she stops. Plus this he does not indicate that you off and will be forgotten. In the road of the life, other cars exist that always want, to give a closed one to it; More to know to analyze the facts hinders to it that you leave to act and suffers a collision. It knows that the difference between you and it, is which the driver who is in the control of both the cars. Therefore why they exist, drivers take who you to a paradise, and others that takes you prostitution, either physical it or inside of the heart. Its carburetor does not leave if to make dirty, with dirts of the world.

Its tank does not leave to inhale adulterated gasoline. It does not leave that you if break, therefore knows that its driver depends on you, to carry through its works and dreams; No matter how hard its asphalt is boiling its tire. But yes it has the goal to be firm, falls rain or it makes sun, it is in the snow or the desert. Why in the end of the day its driver it will always go to take care of of you. Therefore LOVES it you and to it he finds PRETTY and COMFORTABLE Now you only have that to know which she is the driver who will go to direct to it today, if is the anger, the sadness or simply the Great God of the Love.

The Use

How the logic can be obscured by the senses, and intuition may be obscured by knowledge and logic. Do you understand it or not, intuition plays a role in every decision you take. Untrained in the use of their intuition people tend to exhibit its greatest extent in for things that they are busy every day: in their work or area of knowledge. Doctors unknowingly use their intuition when making a diagnosis, and businessmen – in assessing the return on investment. People often tend to guided by intuition in emotional contact. For example, a person who is afraid of losing their jobs due to cuts, so to speak, puts intuitive antenna configured to detect any signs of danger. Intuition is a young mother subtly configured to receive any information about her child. Your intuition is always at work even in such mundane matters as cooking.

Suppose tonight you plan to arrange a dinner later. You are trying to balance the tastes of your family and meal requirements at a later time, when suddenly, without any practical reasons you can see in front of his mind's eye yam. Although you never have been a big fan of sweet potato, you decide to add it to your shopping list. During the dinner, your sister is delighted: 'How did you know? " – She asks, tell you that she longed to taste the sweet potatoes all week. We never guided by pure emotion or pure logic or pure intuition.

Develop awareness of action all the time you breathe without thinking about it. When you turn the pages of this book, your body produces incredibly complex actions simply, efficiently and unconsciously. Breath – it's part of what we do. Fortunately, it occurs spontaneously, so that we can switch the mind on other things. However, as evidenced by holding Yoga in perfection, there are many advantages in the reconstruction of conscious control over our breathing. Do one of the many exercises that focus on the breath, we can control pain, improve focus, to help relax the body and even accelerate the healing process. Intuition operates in much the same way. It continuously delivers the data to your mind, even if you normally totally unaware this. So the key to developing your intuition is not no mystery. It's just a matter of learning: how and what to look for. (Laura DAY).


Some people finish knowing the love proper when they become conscientious and capable of if sacrificing and making charities exactly itself. They grant to permission itself same to be happy, and, this permission functions as a wakening for the life. Happiness is also a constrangedor feeling, therefore to laugh at alone happiness in the way of the street becomes it an insane person pparently. One becomes so constrangedor that the happy person is seen by some as solitary. Whereas the sadness is a more collective feeling, therefore it demands that the people receive who will be passing for a moment sad.

The happy, full person of itself, can give the idea that she does not need nothing more, for the opposite, it finishes being charged for if feeling well. Perhaps happiness is the feeling more individual than it exists. Many writers such as Tim Cawley offer more in-depth analysis. when a person who is not happy observes somebody if feeling very well, another feeling can appear: the envy, that nothing more is of what the yearning in wanting something and not to obtain, feeling itself incapable to conquer, attributing the success of the other to the luck. Soon after the envy comes the anger of the other and itself exactly. Being the happiness this so particular and introspective feeling, at the same time is impossible to hide it entering in contact with it. However, nor all pay the price to be happy, since as we comment, to be happy involve pleasure for the freedom and indifference, the infinite proper love, beyond being prepared to deal with the constaint, the envy and the other people’s anger.

Perhaps therefore, it has who says that who is happy is egoistic. The truth is that the happiness is contagiante when we open our heart to receive it, as it to come. It is hour of if unfastening of the past, to empty our hands, heart, mind and spirit of what already it passed. It receives each event that to happen to it as newness, leaves its brain if to delight with the possibility of everything it to seem new. It is allowed to redescobrir the world through the window of its house. It looks at the same for the people enxergando in them potential who exist in you. One is proud of its consequence in the mirror, therefore it reflects the truth that exists in you. He does not postpone decisions so that he does not waste time organizing them. Alive each day of its life perceiving as you are important for the universe and as both are integrated. Welcome to the world, either happy in such a way how much he will be able to imagine to be!


Without translation for the Portuguese ‘ ‘ Gestalten means? to give form, to give a significant structure? ‘ ‘. … ‘ ‘ Gestaltung, word that indicates a foreseen action, in course or finished, that implies a process to give form, one? formation? ‘ ‘. (grifo of the author; GINGER. S.; GINGER. ., 1995, P.

13). It is a specific way to perceive itself and to the other, ‘ ‘ a way of being, acting and to integrate experincia’ ‘ (RHYNE, 2000, P. 37). For being the arteterapia a method, it integrates theory and practical in its to make, serving of compassing in the orientation of the process. It oportuniza the choice of a methodology that leads in appropriate way the new action, of form to integrate artistic making with the man vision, without breaking up it, but understanding it in the totality of its being and in its particular way to be in the world. ‘ ‘ Gestalt is in such a way an art how much a science and all can practise it its way, translating its personality, its experience and its philosophy of vida’ ‘ (grifo of the author; GINGER. S.; GINGER. ., 1995, p.11).

‘ ‘ The Gestalt therapy is, in the reality, a permission to be creative. Our basic metodolgica tool is the experiment, a mannering boarding to pass to a new platform of functioning. The experiment if dirige to cerne of the resistance, transforming the rigidity into one has supported rubber band for the person. Not it needs to be weighed, serious, nor to have a rigorous evidence; it can be teatral, hilrio, wild, transcendente, Metaphysical, funny. The experiment in the ones of the license to be priests, prostitutes, gays, saints, scholars, magos? all the things, beings and slight knowledge that if occult in us.

For Levinger

According to Grandson (2000: 210-211) for explanation of the development of these relations authors they had claimed certain stages, being described in the following sequncia: For Levinger (1974): stadium of attention, stadium of the contact and the stadium of mutuality; for Murstein (1976): Stadiums of stimulatons, the values, and the papers; for Secord and Backman (1974) exists picture stadiums: the precocious one, of negotiation, of commitment, and of institutionalization. Close relatives are all the people in the family with which we reveal privacy, this varies of person for person. Learn more on the subject from Paul McCartney. Entailing parents and children of Grandson (2000: 215) are verifiable the following types of vinluo parents and children: safe entailing, esquiva entailing, anxious or ambivalent entailing, its discretion will be presented more ahead in the emotional entailings therefore has a similarity. Friendship can – be said that the allotment of information is the inteirao of two people possessing the confidence, the aid voluntary, among others characteristic who are positive for the two. 4 Love as emotion Many definitions had been presented for this love, but the definition that more I believe to elucidate, what it is love as emotion is of (Shaver at al 1987) ‘ ‘ The love is a prototipica emotion that received the highest evaluation from prototipicidade of all emoes’ ‘.

Varieties of love Exist many types of love therefore, the love of mother for the son is not the same that the love that feels for the husband, and aims at turns. We can have the accompanying love and love passion. Love versus friendship Authors had studied these aspects having concluded that a relation exists, being the love consisting of: entailing to one another person; The concern the sacrifice for one another person; the feeling of fusing with the person. the friendship components: the positive evaluation of the other person as having ability, intelligence, maturity. Some types of love exist which can be grouped in secondary elementary schools and, being the excellent aspects so that it has love the following one: the privacy; the Passion; the commitment.