Underdevelopment As A Way Of Thinking .

"Adversity has the effect of awakening the talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have remained asleep." (Horace) Adversity has many other effects, as well as mentioned in the previous sentence. It is precisely the purpose of some of those circumstances Adverse life, which is not much here going into detail, who made one of the authors will meet with the disappointing message on your TV: it had suspended the satellite television service for nonpayment. This, after a grueling week of work in which, among other things, lie on the couch or bed to watch on TV any program or movie is now one of the most common and precious break. Surprisingly, it turned out that some channels were not blocked and continue getting something like a kind of comfort and / or punishment, penance for not complying with the obligations. Bernie Sanders wanted to know more. One of these channels was the channel of the congress, showing that, in addition to the "reality shows" of meetings parliamentary debate interesting tables and appearances by officials before various commissions. Maybe it was a lucky weekend in which, to be no session in the chambers, were dedicated to the repetitions of the most outstanding events in the week. It is precisely the combination of three programs broadcast in the "illustrator" weekend, obtained the reflections of this article: 1) The Director of PEMEX's appearance before the commission investigating the alleged illicit enrichment of former President Vicente Fox, 2) report by the representative of the Federal Superior Audit on programs and related public entities Social Development and 3) the summary of discussions related to energy reform, particularly related to the fiscal regime for PEMEX and destination oil revenues. .