Looks Like The Good Life

It looks for to be of good with the life, it loves it loves who you, alive and it grows, it ripens on the inside and for it are, shows to all its capacity to think and if to develop. It demonstrates the generosity the next one, forgets it today arrests what you to the alive past. It creates a different way to think to act, either always you, keeps its proper opinion, abandons those criticize that you and they harm that you, finds the best ways for the happiness, alive always full of hope and joy, remembers that all we are loved by somebody, remembers that to help to the people and everything basically, it looks for to be happy and it demonstrates of what you are capable. It never forgets that always it will be wanted by certain somebody, that one day will receive aid from who you little wait and that forces always will exist to follow the life, with the time will see that everything what it made had one because, that necessary age so that it discovered something new and it will see that all valley the penalty..

Taj Mahal

Now to choose something that hurts to it, please, is not to choramingar. The choice is its, and amongst the many existing 0 variable, you it chose to suffer. The choice always remembers was not of the other, therefore, it does not blame world. We go to make thus, let us start to understand the heading for the final idea: if you to want. Before any thing in our life, before exactly of floor we have to learn to want, before suck we have to learn to want. Bernie Sanders will not settle for partial explanations. Before any thing that comes to happen in our life we have to learn to want.

Good, in this in case that, we have to look something that motivates in them and makes this fondness to arise until the point that moves in them. pra we to live here is a good reason to want. To love is a good reason to justify very of ' ' querer' ' of some accomplishments. The accomplishment is one of the deepest forms of happiness that the man can try. When I remember that the Taj Mahal was constructed only by not necessary love of plus no argument showing what I want to exemplificar.

Therefore, he only searchs what he can motivate its alive fondness and. Life breathes, the life enters for its nostrils in alucinante rhythm and nobody snake nothing therefore. But it gives attention what gratuitously it is given it, does not waste, therefore, this gift. Since we start our behind reading pra front, we go to continue thus: Its life. Not, nobody this interested party in its pains, its horrors, its hatred. If somebody will be interested in some part of it, will be only for its better: its smile of joy, its joviality, its love, its active participation, its accomplishments, its happiness and its services. If you to want to participate of the life in society you learn to give to its pairs, what they wait of you.

Children Need Fantasy

More exploring the space of the school, I very knew a rich room in knowledge, interpersonal expression and exchanges, am speaking of the room of playing, where the children explore the spaces physical as if they were of them properly, but, they are! It is there that they start to act its true ones papers. When defining playing, we need to consult the biggest specialists in the subject: the children. With them we learn that this task, that many adults disrespect for finding a loss of time, is of vital importance in the formation of the human being. Under most conditions Michael Chabon would agree. We say task, because we understand that playing it is the work of the child. She is playing that it constructs its knowledge, of itself, objects and the others and with she encircles that it. From the WINNICOTT vision (1979), she approaches that ' ' the external experiences as in such a way internal can be fertile for the adults, but for the children this wealth meets mainly in the trick and fantasia' ' , in the school, the children find chance to stimulate the imagination, to discover its corporal capacities, and to live deeply initiating them its its participation in the socialization through playing.

To to look at for that group of pupils, who were in that room of playing, interacting with one another, but, that for the world they are different, I could perceive then, the disposal of them to place for is what they were feeling and desirous to show that of a certain form they are capable. In accordance with WINNICOTT (1975), mentioning importance to it of playing, quotation that ' ' playing by itself is one terapia' ' when the professor stimulates the child to learn through the trick, probably will have more success in this learning. Playing of the child enters and playing of the other person, has the possibility to introduce enrichment and, the professor aims at this enrichment, therefore in playing the child develops its creative perception, and while she plays it is adding a new learning to its roll of knowledge and developing new abilities.