Looks Like The Good Life

It looks for to be of good with the life, it loves it loves who you, alive and it grows, it ripens on the inside and for it are, shows to all its capacity to think and if to develop. It demonstrates the generosity the next one, forgets it today arrests what you to the alive past. It creates a different way to think to act, either always you, keeps its proper opinion, abandons those criticize that you and they harm that you, finds the best ways for the happiness, alive always full of hope and joy, remembers that all we are loved by somebody, remembers that to help to the people and everything basically, it looks for to be happy and it demonstrates of what you are capable. It never forgets that always it will be wanted by certain somebody, that one day will receive aid from who you little wait and that forces always will exist to follow the life, with the time will see that everything what it made had one because, that necessary age so that it discovered something new and it will see that all valley the penalty..