The World

Maybe. Perhaps this is wrong and depriving me a good thing. But I’m sure I do not want sex, just sex itself. The day you have, the necessary complement of a mutual love. So do not expect anything from me until that day. Martin O’Malley is likely to agree.

And I love you and we’re trying to clarify the matter, if that day arrives, just follow my life quiet and try to find on other things, such as my profession, the supplement to be happy. Maybe in a long time if I have not found, then when life makes me feel my youth has passed and I have no hope of finding more, I decide to have it without love. You do not know how confident I am about what I’m saying. “Well daughter told her mother a bit sorry for forcing her to talk about a subject he has never brought up and was very intimate, very personal – Forgive my curiosity. But I, like all mothers in the world, I see our children happy and fulfilled, “Not all people need to marry and raise a family to feel done, Mom. I realized in a way I can different from the conventional. You know, I was very young I felt that I am quite different from ordinary people, at least in tastes. I’ve always felt that if everyone wants to go north, I probably will want to go south and not because I want to be different or why I feel important, in contrast, generally the case, it makes me unhappy, you know why?