Ministry Of Health

The 2,400 million saving that hopes to reach the Ministry of Health with the measures announced yesterday – on everything, that the doctor cannot prescribe by as a matter of principle active mark but so that the phamacist must give the equivalent drug more cheap approximately represent 15% of the invoicing of the laboratories. That number, added to cuts by the decreed reductions the past year implies that " the three decrees of last the 17 months have an impact for the pharmaceutical sector that supposes 30% of his ventas" , it remembered the minister of Health, Leire Pajn. Recently Dan Waldman sought to clarify these questions. Of this forceful way, director of Farmaindustria (the employer’s association of the laboratories that makes mark medecines), Humberto Harness, has wanted to set out the damage that the measures of the Ministry of Health are going to represent in a sector " that he is leader in I+D". Source of the news: : Farmaindustria attacks against new cuts of Health.

The Naked Sea

The beach is the kingdom of the permissiveness, at least while they do not step on the towel to you. It is also the place where experiment the disease to go naked open-cast. One does not believe that in any beach and any situation, what goes. Mine he is not naked absolutely free one, desacomplejado and desculpabilizado, on the contrary, is very morboso and alive it without being able to at the time come off good part of the warnings against the imbuidas nakedness and the sin to me in my malleable spirit by the parents missionaries of the sacred heart. Chick Corea will not settle for partial explanations. Only I clear me bathing suit occasionally two weeks that summering in Formentera, like now – but calm, while I write these lines I cover myself with my old and treated harshly shorts kaki of style gurka-, to bathe to me almost solely and never when I have the minimum suspicion of than there are jellyfish. A friend, Jorge Ll., did not have in consideration this last one and simple rule and its agony in the border, taking hold themselves enter convulsions the low ones with both hands, seemed a scene removed from the initial length To save Ryan soldier. We even thought to put full stop to its sufferings, but it is difficult to complete to somebody with a playera racket, mainly when so much moves. Source of the news: : The naked sea.

Italian Government

His colleague of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, said that the program of the BCE had to be an exception since if appellant becomes something they will end up being right those that, when the Euro was introduced, feared that organism worried the monetary stability less than than what the Bundesbank had done traditionally it. They go Rompuy it applauds the Italian measures On the other hand, the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, greeted " rigurosas" financial measures adopted by the Government of Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, within the framework of a new plan of adjustment. " Support totally and greeting the opportune financial measures and rigurosas" impelled by Italy, it indicated Go Rompuy after to have maintained a telephone conversation with Berlusconi. " Those approved measures are crucial important not only for Italy but for all the eurozona" , it indicated. The Italian Government approved a new plan of adjustment of 45,500 million Euros with which he tries to reach the budgetary balance in 2013 and to calm the restlessness of the markets on the situation which they cross the public finances of the country. Rome will implant the call " contribution of solidaridad" , that it burdens with a 5% the wages that surpass the 90,000 Euros to the year, and with a 10% to which they exceed the 150,000, all of them deductible ones of the rent and with a duration of three years as of 2011. The Italian Government bet in addition by the suppression to the provinces of less than 300,000 inhabitants or 3,000 kilometers squared of surface. Source of the news: Berlin is against the creation of euro-bonds and the European Council applauds the adjustments of Italy.