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There are such offers! But many of the cell phone provider are not reputable and deceive your customers with vermeidlich cheap mobile offerings. Protect yourself with the free Bundlesuche service before a mobile phone contract in connection with a bundle, a detailed Internet research should be performed provider and a really cheap Handybundle after a serious mobile bundle. This is but often as very difficult, because you will be killed here by offers and at the end probably more has no insight. The fact also is that there unfortunately also black sheep among the providers in this market, not incoming deliveries, hidden costs in the fine print and overpriced prices. Also bundles are of such bundle providers like with two contracts, or Duo contracts with often a monthly fee of about 25 euros per contract offered and marked clearly as such.

The inexperienced user is fooled here and binds to 2 overpriced contracts. Under, you can significantly shorten your search for the best mobile phone package. Because here are first of all the 10 main bundle providers in the industry according to very strict criteria listed, compared and evaluated. Even visitors to the site can rate each bundle provider through an integrated voting system. Also reputable vendors who defies a mobile bundle negative Schufa information allow to be listed on the pages of bundlevergleich.de. Then there are still bundle online shops that employ a so-called bundle configurator to find an individual mobile bundle. Also, bundlevergleich.de has tested and listed the online shops with the best Bundlemixer tools.

The entire service is free of charge. “Small tools, such as free SMS, or form remind my mobile”, which automatically via eMail and/or SMS in a timely manner at the end of the contract your mobile contract remember can leave, support enormously. The input mask for the mobile search is also very helpful. Who has it all in a hurry may constitute which, by bundlevergleich.de picked out bundle offers of the most important and reputable provider make up. Where the user can be sure that it is also really good deals. The bundle hit newsletter and news-oriented sites keep reliable up to date, those interested in what’s new offerings, provider and news of the industry.

About Bornemann

The fact is: as far as properly. Only it is concealed that the cell density of GSM-based systems by the respective provider is dependent on and that a regionally very different cell density significantly complicates the finding of objects. GSM positioning always presupposes that the three towers to the available signals are available. In practice, it would look like: the location via GPS ends just metres in front of a building and the object to be secured / the person to be secured can be located only at the designated site. At the location of the object to be secured or the person to be secured via GSM signal, the send activity not rip off though, but you must look through a whole area under certain circumstances, to find the object / the person. Myth: GPS equipment was too costly.

Fact: most telematics systems are now GPS-capable, often already so moderately applied tariffs, that this argument in connection with the right telecommunications provider and the manufacturer is not to keep. Myth: Cell location or LBS location was cheaper and sufficiently. The fact is: can the size of the cell by several hundred metres within densely populated metropolises in the cell location, can be but also up to several kilometers within a village in the countryside or even in uninhabited regions. This is particularly unsatisfactory in value assurance services such as theft, equipment, goods and object backup, it is completely inappropriate in assuring value transport, fleet and order management and the personal location. Requesting images see (press) or at the contact address listed. About Bornemann AG telematics is the connection between navigation, telecommunications, location and computer science. The Bornemann AG deals with this very innovative, young and up and coming business area since 2004, headquartered in Goslar.

It grows since then with great potential in the German and European markets and distributes professional telematics systems with high professional skills and personal commitment. After the Bornemann AG already Germany established himself in recent years as the market leader in the field of telematics broker, the company is now focusing on the development and the distribution of its own telematics solutions. The Bornemann AG consistently uses its core competence, which was able to purchase it themselves as telematics specialist in the field of people – and object tracking. These telematics systems are individually tailored to the needs in healthcare, security services, as well as small and medium-sized service and craft shops. The Bornemann AG supports and advises these companies in finding the optimal solution as well as the introduction of new and optimisation of existing systems. For more information: vehicle tracking:, personal location: Karin Klischewsky