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The integrity of the Chopard company is based on two cornerstones, one of which is the location. The central offices of the company, with its finance and administration departments are located in Meyrin, a Geneva suburb. Most of Chopard watches are also manufactured in this same installation. While the central offices of the company mainly handle the side of revenues and sales of the company, it is in the quiet Swiss village of Fleurier where watchmakers of Chopard explore the real art of the horology. The manufacture’s L.U.C. mechanism is what minibus has put Chopard at the map of the watch industry in recent years, making it something more than just another vendor of watches. This small facility in Switzerland works closely with Chopard headquarters to coordinate the production of their unique clocks, all under the brand of the L.U.C., which Immortalizes the name of the founder of the company, Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

Until Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-President of Chopard, Chopard needed to have its own installation where could conduct produce their own mechanisms, Chopard to manage your watches fully depended on mechanisms manufactured by other companies. Of course that if new mechanisms would be manufactured and marked with the initials of the founder of Chopard, it should be the highest quality and excessively complex mechanisms. Age question of staying faithful to the principles bass which the company was founded and by this it was decided that each produced under the name L.U.C. mechanisms meet the requirements of the Geneva seal, even though these requirements extremely stringent and difficult to reach. Karl-Friedrich, it was obvious that Chopard had wanted that any product that was manufactured on his behalf and by his company out of the highest level of excellence and this was precisely the line of reasoning that he followed when he established the installation to manufacture Chopard mechanisms. The introduction of the mechanism L.U.C. in 1996 marked the beginning of a family of a totally new caliber, which was certified and marked with the Geneva seal as evidence of the exceptional work of its staff and the quality of these mechanisms.