The Best

Do not you try? It's like an infection, when you're happy, you unconsciously make the people around you happy, and vice versa, get a good outside. All of our lives – mutual support. Do not ask: 'What people can do for me? " Ask: "What I can do for others?" Caring for others, you will wait for payment – will be happy and learn to appreciate your life, every moment. Here are some more examples, in my opinion, effective 'recipes' Happiness: Pretend that you are happy. Suppose that for some it is not seem like the best option, but it really works! Encourage others, and most importantly yourself, that you truly happy and be happy in reality. This method is applied to himself personally. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders. As I just threw all the negative thoughts and questions about how to be happy, I tried to convince myself that I was happy. Further, I believe it herself, because 'the idea of the breeds', and never, never, happiness does not come to pessimist! Smile and hormone endorphin.

Smiling and laughter let the body such hormonal chemical reactions, which give you a sense of happiness. Perhaps nothing so does not improve mood so quickly and easily. By the way you has to yourself and others, infecting a laugh or a smile, and get the charge of joy in return. Let a smile be your best friend! Smile even looking at myself in the mirror. Endorphin hormone ("happiness hormone") is produced our bodies and sunlight. Try as much as possible in the sun, and in bad weather to visit a solarium.

Happiness And Where To Find It

“… Happiness is inherently within each person. And in every man there are two forces that are fighting for it. The dark and light side. I just wrote the first dark side, because that’s what it is dominated by throughout life for most people. That it takes for you the wrong decisions, makes subject to some laid down in your mind the rules.

And this time you have less time to fix something in better. It is said that man can not be changed. And they say that if people did not want, do not change. And if you do not change, it will continue to do what can, and as he believes is within his capabilities still does not understand what he could do more and better. Remember the happy moments of life, I remember that feeling, which covers you in those moments? Unforgettable feeling of a full life in a Mige. Now imagine that this sense can reside in you, with your every breath, breath, every word, movement. But you do not know where to start, or think it’s too late.

Right now it’s too late. Now. After all, you already occurred before a sense of inspiration, interest, desire. This means that you manage. You know that to cope, even though you do not understand how. You can not give an explanation or the name of this feeling, you just realize that it happened. Key is not to completely change their lives, and to be the way you always wanted to be. Man. Loving life. Enjoying life. Sure. Beautiful. Novelist is likely to agree. Strong. And most importantly, worthy. Worthy of the Themselves. You must learn to see themselves not as a whole and as one of the components of a whole. And when all the elements that make up all of this a whole achieved the same balance, you find your happiness, and not only happiness, much more. You will begin to notice something beautiful, something not previously noticed. Perhaps you will think that we are talking about something intangible? No. The idea is that you can feel his whole body and soul. Surely you love listen to music, so why not learn to play guitar or another instrument? You love to read books, so why not write your own? Even if it is in ten pages? Because you want to go to Milan, so why not start to learn Italian? You do love a good meal, so why not learn to cook yourself? Because you enjoy watching the sunrise, so why not start jogging in the morning? Such examples as anything, and none of them will be bad for your life. On the contrary, grabbing opportunities you are completely immersed in the new world, a happy world in which the main role goes to you and only you”.