Gifts For The New Year

The poor wives and girlfriends are constantly faced with the same problem a week before the day of H. The most courageous or very experienced prefer to ask questions in the forehead, but even asking about the gift directly, we often hear in response: "Where am I I know! Decide yourself! "We decide for yourself, trying to please our precious half. Gift horse, of course, in the teeth do not look But will you enjoy, if that same Konyk put in a corner collecting dust, or will throw away in a wardrobe? It's unpleasant, but because you were so anxious to arrange a real feast for your beloved. Let's try to arrange for this do without platitudes: we will not book the house of strippers and write his name large letters on the fence, give him a star and send it to photograph the bodies marked with "looking for their police." All men are different: one with 12 years of dreaming about the "recruitment of young plumber", the other – the elegant woman, or at least a three-day holiday in Mauritius (without it). Others including Author, offer their opinions as well. Men are hard to please, but if this man – a favorite for him any gift, presented by you, will be expensive. We consider several variants of gifts: 1. Purse, wallet, organizer, pen – cute (sometimes very expensive) gadgets. not always uverena on how much you should buy a gift man with whom she recently met. In this case, these accessories are the perfect gift for your partner.

Jazzy House

Name Wet imagination to attract a crowd of young Boys of the case of cubes. Jazzy House and the rhythm of lazy patterns and cocaine traffickers. During his practice came across and pearls. In the city of Samara at the entrance to the club, which is a cafe Cornflower, on board 5×5 feet wore a sign: disco, purely just dance! In Moscow, the stadium was the Water Club, which offers a whole series of parties: September 1 – The opening of hunting season and September 8 – Hunting season is open. And who would like to see organizers of a party Barmalei feat Dr. Aibolit, generally unclear. Inventing a name, go to the next point – the event program. As one friend of mine: I've seen everything! Tarzan and Kendimeny tired, everywhere the same.

However, for example, the London club Minystry of Sound plays a girl dj (Part-time cover girl). In the most crucial moment of his set it Bare your breasts, thus making a stir at danspole. Unfortunately, we have girls djs little (especially exterior of the model), and few of them agreed to show at the console all the wonders of the world. But you can go to the trick. Invite striptzershu, declaring it as a dj Mari or Juanna (and can be fused), while adding that she was from Amsterdam or Berlin (where the dj is more than ordinary people) put it to a turntable, turn the two-hour mix (any format) and wait for the reaction of the audience.