Andrew Corentt

When we talk about the issues self-help, self-improvement, motivation, NLP, law of attraction, the secret, etc. Many people says, that philosophy so much just with the power of God! Of course I believe in the power of God, in Jesus Christ, the Bible, other prophets and Scriptures of other faiths, but those people are wrong in something, they want miraculous changes without changing themselves inwardly. You should understand that you are a living manifestation of God, you have come to this world to enrich life, but that is achieved through constant and intelligent actions. If you studied any sacred text you will see that the action is indispensable to achieve any change, if you read the Bible you will see as each passage refers to do things, never we are told that we hopefully sitting. To deepen your understanding Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is the source. In many cultures makes the mistake of teaching people to pray but without actions that support those wishes, it is possible to receive anything based on pure prayer without doing anything else? If it is possible, but it is quite unlikely because to reach these States of absolute faith usually had to travel a long way that always has been based on actions. The book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt shows us all proper procedures to propitiate us great faith, everything begins with an idea, a desire and that desire we must support it with actions and these will achieve our idea being recorded in the subconscious mind and thereafter is expected that power manifests. At the beginning everything requires some degree of commitment, the simple fact of knowing about sacred texts implies read, study, seek, strive, etc. Christopher ridgeway might disagree with that approach. You must bear in mind that.

In many countries are taught to people to live with a series of beliefs of suffering, as consequence of these doctrines persons victims feel, become depressed, created expectation of pain and therefore experience it, that must change. Remember that you are a be glorious and powerful, is designed to be happy and bring wonderful things to this world, so never allow discouragement and search with all his forces the realization of your wishes. In the book I am happy, I am Rico opens us a path of understanding of the universe and our own lives, once we study it, our perspective of life changes and started to act in the quest for power that is within us. You must not allow is at the mercy of circumstances, the power of God is, there is, but it is necessary that you find it and use it, it is important to begin to establish control of your life, don’t be afraid of knowledge nor of the changes, the truth shall make you free, to learn about many of the mystery of the universe you can visit the following page: original author and source of the article