Dr. Jonas Koller: S & K Sales Totaled So Far Significantly More Than Expected

Total of closed-end Fund under the previous year’s result Frankfurt, 29.08.2011. Following versions of the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF), so the overall result of the second quarter was once again under the previous year – and analysts of closed-end funds as a weak estimated also that. Therefore, the party organised in the VGF from April have placed 1.06 billion equity until June. 256,9 million euros but are more than in the first quarter of 2011, but after all, 11 percent less than for the same quarter last year so we’re to 2010 with our currently offered funds currently in the placement, our turnover amounted to considerably more than in the same period last year”, Dr. Jonas Koller declared group of companies, however, founder & Chairman of the Frankfurt S & K. S & K has designed its latest Fund to 30 million euros, and will probably seek a capital increase to 50 million euros. “The result one demonstrated good performance, the correct sales orientation and how we think an appealing investment product”, explains Koller. The S & K group is focused on, to acquire real estate in difficult economic situations and offers a variety of ways to do this.

Also the acquisition of India’s destitute end credits from banks is on the list of Frankfurt real estate specialists. It is based on a real estate database which is fed constantly with the latest market information. A team of professionals also optimizes the available information relating to the chances of a favorable real estate acquisition. S & K, founded at the turn of the Millennium, sure refer to have acquired held in its own portfolio, but also through traded real estate average at a significantly lower price than customary. However, they provide a sensible alternative to judicially-initiated penalties for many property owners. With real estate, it’s like with other possessions: when you arrive in a forced situation, one is glad when you can still have its value and talk to specialists, to the best to get out”, explains Dr. Jonas Koller. S & K highly specialised Frankfurt real estate firm thus sees itself well positioned for the future and is systematically working to adapt its strategic approach to the market conditions.