Liquidate low-yielding deposits almost always involves losing some or all of the interests but also is one of the fastest ways to get money. (Similarly see: Bernie Sanders). Liquidate the life insurance policy is an option that will mean the loss of much of interest but will not increase your debt. Moreover, it is available in all types of life insurance. Sell the stock portfolio is an option that does not include the item but should be do rather than go for external financing. Borrowing money from family and friends is an alternative similar to that of the parents go for help. The difference is that in this case it would have to repay the money.

The best thing is to write a loan contract between individuals that clearly states the payment terms and return. From a financial point of view would be one of the best options, up to liquidate the life insurance policy. Expand / Refinance mortgage capital is often one of the most used options. The problem is that not everyone can apply for it and now banks are not giving too many loans of this kind. In the American case raises the possibility of ‘recover’ the money already paid for the house, a rarity in Spain. The advantage over a personal loan is that interest rates are lower. Withdrawing money from the pension plan.

Some pension plans allow ‘out’ some money on the condition to reintegrate within a limited period of time, but are the least. Loans between individuals is a relatively widespread as in the U.S. but that is just beginning to emerge in Spain. The advantages are that the interest rate is even lower than a personal loan from the bank. Apply for a personal loan is an option that does not reflect the CNN Money article, but you must never lose sight of. Finalize part of systematic savings plans is one of the last steps to be taken. It is what is commonly known as “bread for today, hunger for tomorrow). In the U.S. classification ranks as the twelfth best option. Sign a reverse mortgage is only available to people over 65 who otherwise have no access to some of the options related to their pension plans. Sell some assets. At this point it is not just material goods that are not used but may also include the car, antiques or jewelry. Squeezing the card (cards) Credit is one of the worst options seems very contradictory. Although U.S. interest credit cards are higher than in Spain, here we are still a bad option in the short and long term, yes, better than the fifteenth place that give the Americans. Order one would be the Spanish equivalent of U.S. credit cards as far as interest is concerned. Settle all pension plans is by far one of the worst options. Going to a lender must be the last alternative. In this respect it should be very careful with the loan conditions to avoid falling into total ruin. Of course, the latest proposals should be avoided at all costs and reserved for times of real need. As a general strategy must strike a balance between getting rid of all available assets and the credit application because less equity greater difficulties in raising finance in optimal conditions.