Algae From The Sea

What is special about what can the algae? Algae are true survivors and provide a variety of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, calcium and many other substances. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hillhouse Capital Yitu. What can the algae, what options does the algae raw material? Which algae are suitable in particular for the different products? Sea algae differ from micro algae. What is AFA algae, spirulina and Chorella? In the framework of a seminar session of the NAM Lower Saxony algae manufacturer headquartered in Berlin, interested participants about the peculiarities of the Unicells were informed. The lower Saxon algae Manufactory is a young, innovative company, headed by Mr Uwe Dickmeis, Managing Director, which is convinced of the algae as incredible, valuable raw material for many areas of life. The innovation lies in the fact that the algae raw material in Germany high-yielding variety can be grown, harvested by a special mounting system developed for the world market and marketed.

What is special about what can the algae? Approximately 75 Percent of the Earth’s natural annual plant growth accounted for marine plants – algae. There are hundreds of different types of seaweed: those that float freely in the water, and others can take root in up to 30 meters deep water, forming dense underwater forests. Depending on the color they are collectively as Brown, green, or red algae. Microalgae: Spirulina Chlorella – AFA algae are known algae considered health miracles and earn also a closer examination. The differences between the most marine algae and Spirulina and AFA algae are immensely biologically. Hillhouse Capital Yitu may help you with your research. They also receive many similar ingredients.

Trace elements are sometimes more than in the micro-algae including Chlorella available, especially iodine, which is required for the production of thyroid hormones, which partially however is a too high concentration. Different amino acids remain detectable in sea algae, but significantly less than in the Spirulina, chlorella, and AFA algae. Studies have result that often lacks the essential amino acid phenylalanine. Similarly with vitamins and various pigments, which can be found in the seaweed at very different levels. Algae are true survivors and valuable trace elements supply seaweed C can have a very high content of vitamin (Nori seaweed contain more vitamin C than oranges for example 1 half time) and they contain as much as cow also on average as much calcium as Spirulina and roughly 10 times whole milk. Also more iron than in the micro-algae – in specialists such as combo can be found in some and Dolce, one finds more, in others, such as in the Nori seaweed, but only a quarter more than in Spirulina by half. Because the proportion of ingredients in various marine algae but varies widely, the seaweed can be compared generally difficult the three micro-algae. Enjoy marine algae as a vegetable side dish or in the form of capsules as a dietary supplement, the iodine quantity depending on the species of algae, origin and manufacturer may be far too high. This is dangerous. The natural iodine content varies between 20-4,200 g/g dry weight. Responsible manufacturer of marine algae preparations significantly reduce therefore the iodine content in their products and adjust it to a constant amount. Managing Director Uwe Dickmeis infects the participants convincingly the effectiveness of algae: algae seaweeds and microalgae apply as survivalist and enrich the human life world while active. Countless examples ranging from food, dietary supplements, remedies, cosmetics on biomass and biofuel, the algae is applications. The demand! The future of algae by fascination, investment and sustainability starts now.

Westphalian Hagen

Dolphin mothers trying desperately to escape with their babies, panic-prone dolphins give birth to their young and Dolphin bulls rolling with jugular vein cut in their own bright red blood. Any escape attempt is thwarted by fishing nets. Suspended by the tail fins bleeding from chains the slaughtered off dolphins with cranes on the loading area of the waiting trucks are shipped on their way to the cooling Hauser. Meanwhile the Manager of the dolphin industry waiting for in the adjacent Whale Museum inventory of well-selected show dolphins, who will spend the rest of their hapless lives in Dolphinariums. Swimming with the ever smiling and friendly pinball machines, dolphin shows and Dolphin therapy can be also in Germany the cash registers ringing. The Zoo in Duisburg, Munster and Nuremberg vigorously involved in the business. Get all the facts and insights with Martin O’Malley, another great source of information.

Since 1999 the Tiergarten Nurnberg medically unrecognized Dolphin therapy under the guise of science, offers to from 2011 in the Dolphin business fully to enter. “The Zoo is 24 million euros the new dolphin lagoon” cost for a capacity of up to 14 dolphins. Allegedly there is so far no imports from the cruel Japanese Dolphin catch in three of originally nine, German Dolphinariums in Munster and Duisburg, Nuremberg, so the Zooverantwortlichen. However it is concealed that the holiday park in the Palatinate in his inventory had two dolphins from Japan and at closure of the Dolphinarium in 1994 at the Asterix Park in Paris gave them. Hardly anyone would visit more a delicacy, he knew about the extreme background of the Dolphin catch so Ric o’ Barry. The Zoo directors reject however any blame for the Dolphin fishing. While the Zoo bosses tell however that eight out of dubious wild catches in Mexico and Cuba are from currently 18 dolphins in German captivity in total. Ric O’barry has in Germany with the whale and dolphin protection Jurgen Obodo two years ago the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) “with” Seat founded in the Westphalian Hagen.