Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill as achieving success with Las 17 laws of the success the Kilometro Extra by Luis Ravizza Las 17 laws of success are a fundamental guide in the life of anyone who wants to know how to achieve success, since they operate in all stages of the creative process through which we create our reality. The person who attempts to build a new life learning how to succeed must know that if everything is ultimately a mental process, it is necessary to implement it in practice through repeated actions will become habits, that once installed will create a character and ultimately will lead to the desired destination. The Extra Mile is to make every effort and a little more for achieving our objectives! It is to have available deep always do a little more than what should be done to make me the target. The Extra Mile means that I am willing to do all the days a little more, I’m always with the mindset to work me beyond what I thought, I am willing to do more favors, that I am willing to eat a little less, I’m willing to do a little more exercise, that I am willing to study a little more than I thought, I am willing to visit a prospect most of what had been planned, that I am willing to one greater effort, that I have the attitude of one who understands that a new reality is the result of the effort. As achieving success requires a profound and permanent reflection to develop this provision.

Do the Extra Mile implies that I enjoy the effort and I’m not complaining so I have do, do the Extra Mile to build a family means that it may now have to bring the dishes at home to build a better environment, it means that I may have to bite the tongue not to say what I think in exchange for finding peace and the balance in the home. Do the Extra Mile means that I go to bed an hour later to study what they do not know to build that future I need, do the Extra Mile means that I lift one hour before seating me to plan my finances in such a way that does not surprise me the life. A related site: Bernie Sanders mentions similar findings. These concepts must also be object of analysis for anyone wanting to learn how to achieve success. Do the Extra Mile means that I am willing to change something that I can’t, Word that I delete my dictionary to transform it into something if I can change, do the Extra Mile means that I have the spirit of sacrifice that is required, because my idea is very important, because it is closely related to my own sense of life. And knowing this law of success can then develop a mindset determined by which at every level of our life in the desire to achieve extraordinary results we can examine us daily, assessing that additional efforts have made. We can also schedule specific tasks, exercises of awareness to help us develop this awareness of success.