Venezuelan University

To the with respect, we cannot ignore the role of universities, hence our reason for concern of analysis. About it, Lic. Alice Araujo, in a work about the University and its commitment (2003) tells us, that at present, the most important task of the University consists of lead, herself, the transformation that the country needs and begin to build a different future. To manage the relationship proactive, making a more dynamic involvement of the Universidad-empresa in the current reality, suggests us, substantiate the application of foresight in the following cases: 1) creativity and innovation, 2) interdisciplinarity, 3) heterogeneity, and 4) provision for change. With regard to creativity and innovation points out, that a dose of freedom, creativity, and sufficient knowledge is required to be innovative. The concept of creativity and innovation, in the case that concerns us, is linked to the necessary mental disposition that should be encouraged between students and academics University, as well as between current and potential entrepreneurs, with the aim that everyone they decide to break with many traditional patterns and customs, which up to the present they have been maintained with a low profile and become followers or dependents of others. In this regard, Lester Thurow (2000: 140) says: useful curiosity needs of individuals who know thoroughly the corpus of existing knowledge, but not sit paralyzed by him. A good education of graduates, should enhance the curiosity.

Societies that value and honor the curiosity, produce curious individuals. Therefore, there should be no doubt that, as well as the creation of knowledge is the basic ingredient for creativity, and the capacity for innovation and the development of new products and services, thus also, knowledge leads to countries towards productivity and competitiveness. In regard to interdisciplinarity, we discussed, that if the Venezuelan University achieved unite the efforts of all its researchers so that they are spending, in addition to pure science, to carry out applied research, there is no doubt that the speed with which Venezuela could develop, would increase considerably.