Renault Logan Filter

In accordance with the rules of maintenance Renault Logan replace the fuel filter should be carried out after 120 thousand kilometers. Given the low quality of domestic gasoline, the fuel must be replaced filter more often – every 45 thousand kilometers. Fuel filter, as well as other parts for the Renault Logan, has its original number – 6001546326. When the engine and for some time after it stops (approximately 3-4 hours) fuel supply system is under great pressure. Therefore, if the replacement filter to pass through the short period of time after stopping the engine, reduce fuel pressure in the system.

For this disconnect block wiring harness connector from the fuel module. Start the engine and give it run at idle until it stops due to the production of fuel. Then lets the starter for 3-4 seconds, then the pressure fuel system is reset. Disconnect the wires from the terminal of the "minus" battery cable. Since the fuel tube and the filter is petrol, substitute a small container under the filter. Further details can be found at Author, an internet resource.

Fuel filter on Renault Logan mounted in front of the fuel tank on the right. Clenching his two clips (red) tee shoot tip with the tip of the tee fitting filter. Similarly, the other fitting the filter remove the tip of the tube supplying fuel to the filter. We take out the filter from the yoke and the merge of its remnants of gasoline in the tank. Install new filter in reverse order. The arrow on the filter must match the direction of flow fuel. Tips tee and put on the fuel tube fittings on the filter until it snaps into clips. We connect a block wiring harness connector cover the fuel module and the terminal wires to the "negative" conclusion battery. For the filling of gasoline include meals. At the same time for 2-4s will be heard the rustling of the characteristic operating the fuel pump. When the pump stops, check the tightness of tip and filter. Tee and the fuel pipe with damaged tips, faulty locks and filter housing leaking replaced.