Germany – Clock Museum In Triberg

Germany – a very interesting country, as if specially designed for tourists. It is full of castles, palaces, churches and monuments. In southern Germany in the Black Forest, Baden-Wurttemberg, is what to look tourists. The name translates as Black Forest Black Forest. Local residents have long believed that this forest live all kinds of dwarfs, wizards and fairies. The action of some of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales are taking place in the Black Forest. 'Who travels to Swabia, let not forget for a while to come back to the Black Forest. Not for the trees, though not always see a great darkness, abysmal slender fir-trees, and for the people, astonishingly similar to other inhabitants of these places.

" – So they write about the inhabitants of this area the Brothers Grimm fairy tale in "Cold Heart." There are many attractions and one of them – the cuckoo clock museum. In a small town Shonahbah, below Triberg is interesting museum of cuckoo clocks – Urenpark. This wooded and mountainous region of Baden-Wuerttemberg has long been unfit for employment in agriculture. Therefore, local residents began to do wood carving, producing the cuckoo clock and distribute them throughout Germany. Hours mostly done in a single copy and on the conscience.

Cuckoo Clock served several generations, since clock symbolize comfort in the house. Here at the store 1000 hours are all kinds of wooden cuckoo clock by hand. With what love made this watch so much imagination and skill invested in them. Cuckoo's most diverse forms, and watch themselves decorated bears, elk, rabbits and other inhabitants of the forest. True, wooden clocks are designed mainly for wealthy tourists. Against the background of modern wooden clock electronic clock look pathetic. Here in Shonbahe has the largest clock in the world with Cuckoo, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Wooden cuckoo clocks are made of linden and have dimensions of 4.50 m to 4.50 m, with the weight of the pendulum is almost 100 kg. Front of the store hours '1000 'are very interesting watch. Every 15 minutes, they played this show. Above hours – a scene from the German beer, dancing couples and a German frau with a rolling pin. And below is a craftsman hours in the woods behind his watch, runs beside the dog. These are the artisans carried the watches made in the Black Forest in Germany.