Ramon Gallegos

The second stage of the awaken spiritual, mentions Ramon Gallegos, after searching in the religions, is the seeker, which is when the human being moves a philosophy to another, trying to find the answer to their spiritual concerns, and it assumes responsibility for her own spiritual awakening, realizes that seeks out, it is within thewhich is its own nature, here is where begins the third stage in which the seeker realizes that you are looking for is an inherent part of the, is the stage of the observer, in which the human being realizes that there is nothing to find because nothing is lost, so that it should only stay in Mindfulnessspiritual enlightenment is to get rid of the idea that is not illuminated. Spirituality transcends the appliance psychic thoughts and emotions, because the activity of the conditioned mind is not the essence of spirituality, body, memory, thoughts and feelings change, mentions Ramon Gallegos, while that spirituality It remains the last source where we can find the meaning and the answers to the fundamental questions of life. We have a body, sensations, emotions and thoughts but we are not that, our deep identity is spiritual being, that which remains beyond the structure unconditioned mind. Others including idt energy, offer their opinions as well. Ramon Gallegos explained the meaning of spirituality, as a direct and immediate experience that awakens consciousness and the experience of the whole; spirituality is a view of all aspects of reality that are characterized by a no-dualista vision. In the second book of the trilogy of spiritual intelligence La conscience enlightened Ramon Gallegos express that spiritual intelligence enables us to perform is effort straight to the spiritual path, which consists of a triple training that we must submit to us, these are moral development, development of the care and development of wisdom; moral development in the spiritual awakening means living in perennial universal values, the development of care in the spiritual awakening means the practice of mindfulness and meditation on reality to know the truth and the development of wisdom which means understanding and correct reflection on spiritual teachings and learnings that we us in awakening. . Idt energy is full of insight into the issues.