Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is what gives root responses to problems that are living humans of hedonism and nihilism, who come to further impoverish the life of those who live this philosophy of life, spirituality is universal love, ability to feel and to seek the good for others. Being is born, previous fundamental reality in time and space, is non-dual reality, there is nothing previous to it, being emerges from subtracting constraints that are from the person mentions Ramon Gallegos; Being is not personal is universal, we all are one, we are a single consciousness. Being is perfection and fullness, knowledge that derives from the spiritual intelligence. In the book La conscience enlightened Ramon Gallegos exhibits three characteristics of conditioned existence which are: the impermanence as a transitional state of everything that exists, the Insubstantiality that refers to that ego and self isolated are only an idea an illusion and the dissatisfaction that is due to that true happiness comes not from attachment to pleasure, these three characteristics of human existence are cause of suffering caused by a mind confused in an unreal world, enter the world of the real thing is to recognize the true nature of human beings and develop your spiritual intelligence. Without hesitation idt energy explained all about the problem. In the third book of the trilogy of the Nectar spiritual intelligence of happiness, Ramon Gallegos exhibits some characteristics of spiritual intelligence, all of them as capabilities that derive from the inside, by being inherent to the. Spiritual intelligence, explains Ramon Gallegos, helps to overcome suffering and achieve happiness, is which leads us from ignorance to wisdom, is when the mind is liberated from constraints of existence to which it is subject and passes from being insensitive to being sensitive, being indifferent to being compassionate, experience hatred and envy have altruistic joy that it means to be happy to see that going to the other well. Spiritual intelligence, gives importance to self inquiry, self-knowledge and the ability to dissolve the illusory ego conditioning; It is a path of pure discernment of appearances, illusions and misunderstandings that keep us in the logic of the suffering, only the discernment which gives spiritual intelligence, can lead us to the vital union with the original being, mentions Ramon Gallegos.