Potential Analysis

Career advice comes with professional methods for different target groups in question a potential analysis or also aptitude test. For graduates who have completed just the studies, she can indicate in which direction the professional way forward should be driven. The strengths and potentials show here for which areas a special aptitude. An analysis of the potential professionals who to want focus to start a career in an entirely different area, can provide clarity. A thorough analysis shows whether the desired range really fits to the abilities. But even professionals who want to take the next career step, can check whether they are suitable management positions due to the own resources for one. B research created a sound and professional potential analysis on basis of individual social skills, talents, personal requirements and wishes. This diagnosis the interests, motives and inclinations of the clients into also with a.

From the present results and observations, B-research career consultants develop vocational fields of activity that really fit to their clients. A detailed personal interview is, for example, about the educational and professional background, experience and career aspirations. With individually selected test procedures are worked out then personal strengths, interests, potential, resources and inclinations. The results reliably provide information on parameters such as intelligence, performance, strengths, motivation and work behavior. The interests, talents, perspectives and possibilities of the client are analyzed as well. Recognized and proven exercises and methods from the career counseling and coaching complete this offer. In the connection, the clients get the potential analysis in the form of a concise written reports of the main findings. Suggestions of any professional images and further information on training strands round the result of Analysis of the potential. For more information about the potential analysis and career advice can be found here. B Research – Institute for career choice, Diagnostics and career Sandra small hammer watch Street 17-24 28195 Bremen Tel.: 0421 847-331 71