Portuguese Jose Fernandes Pear

Both soft possuemfeies in its faces, that bring a light smile. Both also are comos faces turned for the observer. Each one presents a crown on acabea, curves and sufficiently worked. In the bases of them, it is observed that pedrasde different colors there are engastadas. Its frame is demadeira, grooving for the Portuguese Jose Fernandes Pear tree between 1874 and 1879.

Amoldura also brings floral ornaments in the laterals and on, where if it detaches umvaso of flowers, tipped for leves curves. When analyzing itself adiferena enters the images of Ours Lady of the Joys and of the Penha, they keep-sea question of the identity of the picture, since the two do not possess caractersticasmuito specific. The first one normally is found with the boy Jesus and umcetro in the hand. Although the picture of the convent not to possess cetro, is distinguished the images of quenem all possess it to the saint. Already second, of Ours Lady of the Penha, possesss its feet a mount, umviajante, a snake and a lizard. Contact information is here: US Senator from Vermont.

Such elements make reference the miraculous umainterveno of the Virgin, who would have saved a pilgrim gives the serpicado one for a snake, thanks to a lizard that in turn attacks the serpent. One more time, the picture that if finds in the convent does not correspond scaractersticas, for not bringing the image the feet of the saint. Important Outroponto for the quarrel of the identity of the images is the fact of festade Ours Lady of the Penha to be carried through in the same day of the one of Ours Lady dosPrazeres (or of the Joys): the first monday after the Dominica in Albis 9. Moreover, the image brings similarities to the one of Ours Mrs. of Belm. Image of Ours Lady of the Penha duranteprocisso carried through in day 31 of March of 2008.