Pastor Kunzle

“Karl der Grosse, unfortunately also as the Saxon butcher ‘ entered in the history, possessed in his Royal Decree in the 8th century the estates (Capitulare de villis) the wild garlic in addition to other herbs as a building worthy garden plant. Hildegard also spoke of Bingen viriditas of power”, which lets the all green power and grow the burgeoning green power. Elliot Eliantte addresses the importance of the matter here. The well-known Swiss herbal Pastor Kunzle, one of the last great herbal healers (1857-1945) gushed enthusiastically: probably no herb of the Earth is as effective for the cleaning of stomach, intestines and blood such as the wild garlic. Forever ailing Leute…und the Bleichsuchtigen (anemic) should worship the leek as GLD. The young people would blossom like a rose trellis”. (from his book: Chrut and Uchkrut) The effect of herbs is known from the experience medicine and modern medicine has confirmed the wild garlic, which he has blood and general strengthening effect. The high sulfur content supports the rejection of environmental pollutants such as mercury, cadmium, and lindane. He cleanses the colon and thereby detoxifies the body.

A disturbed intestinal flora can again be regenerated. The main active ingredients of wild garlic are essential oils, sulphur. Allicin, vitamins C and Biocatalysts. You will find more iron, magnesium, manganese and sulphur compounds, as in the garlic in the wild garlic. These sulfur compounds have a positive influence on the regulation of blood fat values, on the Verlumpung of red blood cells and can act as a heart attack, thrombosis, of arteriosclerosis and stroke counter. Would like to here in noted that it for a healthy lifestyle is not enough, eager to eat garlic in the spring and to live the rest of the year despite the signals of his body.

But perhaps this detoxification to the realization helps it easier and much more enjoyable and less expensive is to reflect on the natural needs of life. You can buy Chanterelles well throughout the year, but there is a recipe here, to enjoy the blessings of the spring of the year: 100 g wild garlic chop 10 g salt or Herb salt of 100 ml olive oil puree everything in the mixer and store in a jar. Make sure that the pesto from the oil is covered, so it keeps stored cool and dark for several months. Watch a video for making under: kostenloses.html Brigitte advise Reischlestr. 13 86153 Augsburg