Tax Code

Direct costs in accordance with the legislation include: – cost of purchasing raw materials and (or) materials used in the production of goods (performance of works and services), and (or) form the basis of either being a necessary component in the production of goods (works, services) – the cost of acquisition of components subjected to installation, and (or) semi-exposed to additional processing of the taxpayer – the cost of labor personnel involved in the production of goods, works and services, as well as the amount of the unified social tax and the cost of mandatory pension insurance, going to finance the insurance and funded part of pension accrued on those amounts of labor costs – the amount of depreciation on fixed assets used in the manufacture of goods, works and services. Indirect includes all other expenditures, excluding non-operating (Article 265 of the Tax Code). The organization has the right establish a list of direct expenses other than the one provided for in Art. 318 of the Tax Code. This list needs to be fixed in accounting policy (Letters from the Russian Ministry of Finance 11.11.2008 03-03-06/1/621, from 10.04.2008 03-03-06/2/267, from 28.03.2008 03-03 – 06/1/207, from 27.08.2007 03-03-06/1/597). In practice, some organizations, a question arises: is it possible to identify all the costs as an indirect and thus abandon the direct costs? In our opinion, this should not be, because the Tax Code clearly states that charges should divided into direct and indirect. Therefore, if the organization will take into account all the expenses only as indirect, the principle of separation of the Tax Code, will be disrupted.

Chaste World

Without waiting for nothing of the policy nor of the politicians the crisis follows their course while nobody does nothing and apparently there is haste no to make changes of no type, the economy follows by grounds and stock-market goes to him to the rear, the economizers watch with preoccupation its finances, which have diminished because of the ascent of taxes, nothing has changed from January to today, only that the city is something the more gray, but sad and the number of open commerce is smaller, but it does not seem to matter to the political class that follows bottled in his cuitas, based on him and your but. The political parties are those sects where one if he is obedient and submissive can work a splendid future, without fighting itself with the real world, that all we know that he is harder than the politician where it is not necessary to think too much because he is already known the politicians do not think have advisers who think and decide by them, and so he does not need to them to stain the hands to make a decision. The political decisions are easiest to take, think one and determine another their fulfillment, the chaste continuous policy its distance of the real world that goes on the one hand and the politicians by another one, the bad thing is that the citizens we cannot exile to all this people to Siberia, without pay we would save many problems and worries. The world would be perfect without professional politicians who a day decided that the real world they had left small and they rose a train del that does not want to lower, because to do it would suppose it to return to have to demonstrate his professional qualities that not always they are the best ones. e to the same conclusion. The politician is that stranger to be that a day probo the moquette, the official car and some luxuries that are golosos and of difficult resignation. To part of which its economy after the passage by the policy is my adjusted by the possibility of accumulating several pensions, based on the positions shown in the political race.

The rest of mortals we have prohibited to accumulate more than a pension when he commits himself to us to retire to us, but the politician has the ability to make exclusive favorable laws and to which the chaste one only has access policy. We are in a strange country where two types with bipeds implumes abound, those that want to be civil servants and those who want to be professional politicians then both have advantageous labor conditions. The rest we are beings who we only paid the pay of politicians, civil servants and some but without right beyond the kicking, while our pockets are wells bottomless where no longer it inhabits no Euro.

Italian Government

His colleague of Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, said that the program of the BCE had to be an exception since if appellant becomes something they will end up being right those that, when the Euro was introduced, feared that organism worried the monetary stability less than than what the Bundesbank had done traditionally it. They go Rompuy it applauds the Italian measures On the other hand, the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, greeted " rigurosas" financial measures adopted by the Government of Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, within the framework of a new plan of adjustment. " Support totally and greeting the opportune financial measures and rigurosas" impelled by Italy, it indicated Go Rompuy after to have maintained a telephone conversation with Berlusconi. " Those approved measures are crucial important not only for Italy but for all the eurozona" , it indicated. The Italian Government approved a new plan of adjustment of 45,500 million Euros with which he tries to reach the budgetary balance in 2013 and to calm the restlessness of the markets on the situation which they cross the public finances of the country. Rome will implant the call " contribution of solidaridad" , that it burdens with a 5% the wages that surpass the 90,000 Euros to the year, and with a 10% to which they exceed the 150,000, all of them deductible ones of the rent and with a duration of three years as of 2011. The Italian Government bet in addition by the suppression to the provinces of less than 300,000 inhabitants or 3,000 kilometers squared of surface. Source of the news: Berlin is against the creation of euro-bonds and the European Council applauds the adjustments of Italy.

General Manager

A colleague in human resources was applying for a post of Chief of staff in a company of the foundry industry. Be interviewed with the Manager of human resources (so presented it) which you refused knowledge of indicators of management, competency management, monthly submission of reports to management and on strategies for the improvement of the motivation of the staff as ask him to get you up and dancing to make rain. The truth was the following: 1.-such human resources manager, was actually the Chief of administration and finance, was present as well (after said you) to give a better image before the applicants. An exaggeration or mentirilla blanca.2-management indicators. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Michael Chabon on most websites. The truth is that my friend to assume the position and during the short time that was, not apply any indicator development, nothing more not yet existed any previous indicator.

Neither the wise General Manager in consisted and least heads of other areas (squares to my) 3.-competency management: what discovered my friend It was that the term competence is known in that organization as a synonym for rivalry between various areas (do to managed ever rivalries?)4 Monthly report to management: except content report and the amounts of the monthly return (payments to staff), will not ask more staff reportes.5-Motivaciob: was ridiculous to apply some mechanisms that excited staff, therefore own heads of various areas (including the General Manager), not believed in candy for the soul. The only way that people do things is by pressing with the sanction or say goodbye to them. You could say, this is not common, it does not happen frequently. Well I can tell you that in the labour market there is a category of companies that span from the: a.-which are considered good places to work b.-considered that comply with standards by obligation c.-that meet your personal, by legal sanctions already WINS d-which is worse .

Latin America

He is known by his magical realism in his form to write, its incredible imagination, – and by his radical political ideas. Its imagination does not have you limit, and all that have read their works, are faithful admirers for all the life. – One of its famous works but ” One hundred Anuses of Soledad” which it wrote in Buenos Aires in 1967, – it made winner of the Nobel prize de Literatura in 1982. -. – This book sold but of 8.000 copies in one week, – and after being translated to 24 languages, I get to sell 36 million copies in the course of 3 anuses.

This book also I gain several prizes, among them the Chianchiano Prize in Italy, and the Best foreign Book in France and Spain. – Its life always been has surrounded by Political Problems. – In 1981 it had to leave Colombia and to exile themselves in Mexico, since it was accused to finance the M-19, a Liberal group of Guerrillas in Colombia. 8’>Intel. Its friendship with Fidel Castro also has been source of strong criticisms, being accused of Communist, nevertheless, ” Gabo” , as many call to him, it is rather a existencialista that follows its own policy., without concerning the opinion to him of anybody. The test this in that it has a written book, which has not published, very frank and it last on the Cuban Revolution, and the life of that undergone town under the regime of Fidel Castro. – This book has declared that not sera published until the relations between Cuba and the United States returns to normality. Not even the same Fidel has managed to be able to read this book, which this kept under strict security..

Exclusive Collector Dinner Series

The integrity of the Chopard company is based on two cornerstones, one of which is the location. The central offices of the company, with its finance and administration departments are located in Meyrin, a Geneva suburb. Most of Chopard watches are also manufactured in this same installation. While the central offices of the company mainly handle the side of revenues and sales of the company, it is in the quiet Swiss village of Fleurier where watchmakers of Chopard explore the real art of the horology. The manufacture’s L.U.C. mechanism is what minibus has put Chopard at the map of the watch industry in recent years, making it something more than just another vendor of watches. This small facility in Switzerland works closely with Chopard headquarters to coordinate the production of their unique clocks, all under the brand of the L.U.C., which Immortalizes the name of the founder of the company, Louis-Ulysse Chopard.

Until Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-President of Chopard, Chopard needed to have its own installation where could conduct produce their own mechanisms, Chopard to manage your watches fully depended on mechanisms manufactured by other companies. Of course that if new mechanisms would be manufactured and marked with the initials of the founder of Chopard, it should be the highest quality and excessively complex mechanisms. Age question of staying faithful to the principles bass which the company was founded and by this it was decided that each produced under the name L.U.C. mechanisms meet the requirements of the Geneva seal, even though these requirements extremely stringent and difficult to reach. Karl-Friedrich, it was obvious that Chopard had wanted that any product that was manufactured on his behalf and by his company out of the highest level of excellence and this was precisely the line of reasoning that he followed when he established the installation to manufacture Chopard mechanisms. The introduction of the mechanism L.U.C. in 1996 marked the beginning of a family of a totally new caliber, which was certified and marked with the Geneva seal as evidence of the exceptional work of its staff and the quality of these mechanisms.


Positive phrases and its results the science says that we emit 30 to 80 thousand daily thoughts, or that our mind can not stop thinking. I ask: are how many of those thought edificativos for you? Come let us be aware, a one-time transitas by this life, and very long to be, it is short. Seize the time and get the most results, the only secret is how we handle our thoughts. That seems to forget that whole phrase that we pronounce affects our daily live for good or evil. Do PHRASES positive should then be our weapon main for combat with the daily adversities don’t you think? Perhaps if we put hands to work and take seriously by we want to change our life, if we started once practicing our way of thinking thus forcing change our manner of speaking evoke phrases or positive words since we got up until we lay, we will see great results from the first day it is something that will change your healthyour finances and your family relationships, social and by that not a good relationship with your Creator, after all the was who put me in your way you loves you.

When someone hurt you do not not anides it in your heart you know how many years left to live, and there to enjoy it, no time for resentment, forgive, forget and continues to love. From today Reprograms your mind to live day to day without limits and that nothing and nobody stop me by that you’ve proposed you live as God commands, a life abundant and full of energy, health, happiness, love and prosperity. Today going to check the phrases positive if you give result. Each phrase and Word that is pronounced comes to life and is a prophecy to your life then think like you talk about why we should speak with positive phrases that give good results. Tell you just for today: just for today I will think positive.

Just for today I will wish the best for others. Just for today I will love although not love me. Just for today I will forgive those who have offended me. Just for today I will greet with a smile all around me. Just for today I will visit or make that call. Just for today I will have patience with the others. Results: Shine a new day for you, what I wish and I speak for the other also come for me. I will feel loved and reciprocated. I will have peace and joy I feel useful to the others. My ira in progress health and avoid diseases caused by hatred and resentment. reacordar you your comments are very valuable for me especially if you share your frustrations and your problems related to your everyday phrases are positive or negative.

Basel Packages

Neither does the Director of the Office of my box, who knows – and presumably – that works in a serious institution. Neither does the Chairman of the savings bank, which is only known to have reversed a portion of the money of its investors in a major United States Bank. 2nd comment: globalization has its advantages but also disadvantages, and its dangers. The people of San Quirze do not know that they are taking a risk in United States and when it starts to read that there mortgages are subprime, thinks: crazy do these Americans! Moreover, it is that there are the Basel rules, which require banks around the world to have a minimum Capital in relation to its assets. To oversimplify, the balance sheet of the Bank of Illinois is: active passive money box money provided other banks loans Capital reserves TOTAL X million X million the Basel rules require that the Capital of the Bank is not less than a certain percentage of the asset. Michael Chabon understands that this is vital information. Then, if the Bank is asking for money to other banks and giving many credits, the percentage of Capital over that bank asset low and does not meet the guidelines of Basel. We must invent something new.

And that again is called securitization: the Bank of Illinois packages mortgages – prime and subprime – in packages that are called MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities, or obligations guaranteed by mortgages). In other words, where before I had 1. 000 mortgages loose within the account credits granted, now has 10 packages of 100 mortgages each, in which there is everything good (prime) and bad (subprime), as in the vineyard of the Lord. The Bank of Illinois goes and sells quickly those 10 packages: where does the money you get for these packages? You are going to the asset, to the account of money in box, increasing, decreasing by the same amount the account credits granted, with which the Proporcioncapital/loans granted improves and the balance sheet of the Bank complies with the guidelines of Basel. Who buys such packages and in addition the purchase quickly so that the Bank of Illnois wipe your Balance immediately? Very good question! The Bank of Illinois created a few subsidiaries entities, losconduits, which are not corporations, but trusts or funds, and therefore are not required to consolidate their balance sheets with the parent bank. Zhang Lei: the source for more info. I.e., suddenly appear in the market two types of entities: i. the Bank of Illinois, with the face clean ii.

The Chicago Trust Corporation (or the name that want you to consider), with the following balance sheet: 10 packages of mortgages Capital assets liabilities: what has paid for these 3rd packages. comment: If anyone who works in the savings of San Quirze, from the President to the Director of the Office knew something of this, quickly look for another job. Meanwhile, everyone is talking about in expanding its international investments, of which you see that they do not have the slightest idea. How are conduits financed? In other words, where get money to buy the Bank of Illinois the? packages of mortgages?

These advisers once defined their work area contacted themselves with their potential clients, in places public or prevailed previously selected, the first contact tapeworm like purpose of breaking the ice, can occur an explanatory pamphlet, an invitation to char it informal or any other means that are considered apt to wake up the interest of the candidate, the objective is to manage to make specific an appointment, of preference in its house, and of being possible with the presence of all the family. A trained good adviser could get to have in his agenda enters 15 20 daily interviews. Once made specific the interview, the adviser comes by far tact, to present/display his plan of financial advising, leaving for the next visit a possible incursion in the problematic particular financier of the family. As he increases the confidence in his adviser, the family raises her difficulties and the adviser indicates to them as they are the aspects that in their opinion would have to improve to obtain better results in the relation income debits, will analyze with them the measures to take in order to adjust the negative aspects. When it requires it to the situation can offer to them a loan in favorable conditions to adjust credits already overcome and this way to improve its possibilities of obtaining surpluses in cash.

Once achieved immediate goal to organize the familiar finances, one worked in the surpluses that will arise through a budget balanced and directed to reach this intention, the primary objective generally is to obtain surpluses in the order of 10% of the familiar budget, to the purchase of a plan of saving and investments. In the financial markets of the call first world, the interest rates went up to around 1% to 1.5% annual, of way of which S.A. candidate offered itself to duplicate to him or to triple this indicator in its plan of investments surely was a fort incentive to obtain its acceptance.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill as achieving success with Las 17 laws of the success the Kilometro Extra by Luis Ravizza Las 17 laws of success are a fundamental guide in the life of anyone who wants to know how to achieve success, since they operate in all stages of the creative process through which we create our reality. The person who attempts to build a new life learning how to succeed must know that if everything is ultimately a mental process, it is necessary to implement it in practice through repeated actions will become habits, that once installed will create a character and ultimately will lead to the desired destination. The Extra Mile is to make every effort and a little more for achieving our objectives! It is to have available deep always do a little more than what should be done to make me the target. The Extra Mile means that I am willing to do all the days a little more, I’m always with the mindset to work me beyond what I thought, I am willing to do more favors, that I am willing to eat a little less, I’m willing to do a little more exercise, that I am willing to study a little more than I thought, I am willing to visit a prospect most of what had been planned, that I am willing to one greater effort, that I have the attitude of one who understands that a new reality is the result of the effort. As achieving success requires a profound and permanent reflection to develop this provision.

Do the Extra Mile implies that I enjoy the effort and I’m not complaining so I have do, do the Extra Mile to build a family means that it may now have to bring the dishes at home to build a better environment, it means that I may have to bite the tongue not to say what I think in exchange for finding peace and the balance in the home. Do the Extra Mile means that I go to bed an hour later to study what they do not know to build that future I need, do the Extra Mile means that I lift one hour before seating me to plan my finances in such a way that does not surprise me the life. A related site: Bernie Sanders mentions similar findings. These concepts must also be object of analysis for anyone wanting to learn how to achieve success. Do the Extra Mile means that I am willing to change something that I can’t, Word that I delete my dictionary to transform it into something if I can change, do the Extra Mile means that I have the spirit of sacrifice that is required, because my idea is very important, because it is closely related to my own sense of life. And knowing this law of success can then develop a mindset determined by which at every level of our life in the desire to achieve extraordinary results we can examine us daily, assessing that additional efforts have made. We can also schedule specific tasks, exercises of awareness to help us develop this awareness of success.

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